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Ahh, fair Verona. This enchanting medieval city is famous for being the setting of Shakespeare’s "Romeo and Juliet", and the romance here is indeed palpable. Set on the banks of the meandering Adige river, Verona is filled with Roman ruins, handsome plazas and a sensational food scene, making it a veritable highlight of northern Italy’s Veneto region.

There are countless reasons to visit Verona, not least of which is the colossal Verona Arena, an incredibly well-preserved first-century Roman amphitheater that regularly hosts concerts and opera performances. Verona is a haven for foodies, and Piazza delle Erbe at the centre of town is the perfect place to tuck into a bowl of pasta while doing some serious people-watching.

Finally, star-crossed lovers will no doubt want to pay a visit to Casa di Giulietta (Juliet’s House), a charming 14th-century home with a balcony overlooking a courtyard. Apparently this is the spot where Romeo promised eternal love to Juliet. Here’s to reliving Shakespeare’s famous play - without the tragic ending, we hope!

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