Vaduz Castle perched on a sunny hilltop in Liechtenstein's capital city
Photo by Justin LaBerge  –  Link



With a population of just 5,400, Liechtenstein's capital Vaduz (pronounced "vah-dootz") can hardly be called a city; but its picturesque location on the Rhine River, combined with its famous landmarks like the Vaduz Castle (home of the Prince of Liechtenstein) and the Liechtenstein National Museum, make it a worthwhile destination.

The pedestrianised Vaduz town centre, also known as Städtle, is ideal for exploring on foot. Start at the Main Square and find your way to the Parliament, the Liechtenstein Centre and the quaint Postage Stamp Museum. You'll want to dedicate an hour or two to the impressive Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, which contains a stunning mix of contemporary art and classic masterpieces.

If you're a discerning wine-lover, why not pay a visit to Hofkellerei, the wine cellars of the Prince of Liechtenstein? The winery is a short walk from the town centre. Call ahead to book a wine sampling.