A wintery day in Druskininkai
Photo by Mantas Volungevicius  –  Link



If you feel like going off the beaten path in Lithuania, you should plan to visit Druskininkai. This small city 120km from Vilnius and Kaunas in south Lithuania has been a spa town since the 19th century. It's a popular detox spot for hip young Lithuanians, who come for the town's mineral-rich waters and superb natural surroundings.

Therapeutic peat mud, mineral water, and pollution-free air abound in Druskininkai, giving it the purifying feel that it's known for. Visit one of the many spas in Druskininkai and treat yourself to a massage, facial or other treatment. Druskininkai Aquapark offers many of these services, as well as a children's area that makes it the perfect family-friendly place to stay.

Gruto Park

One of the quirkier sites in Druskininkai is Grutas Park (Gruto Parkas, or Stalin's World), a sculpture garden in the woods featuring statues, artifacts and propaganda left over from the Soviet era. It's a 15-minute drive from the town centre, and entry costs €7.50 for adults (€4 for kids).