Trakai Castle and its reflection on the beautiful Lake Galvė
Photo by patrick janicek  –  Link



Just under 30km west of Lithuania's capital city Vilnius lies Trakai, a picturesque town set among hills, lakes and forests. With its lake resort feel and proximity to the capital, Trakai offers a welcome escape from the bustle of city life. It's also home to the famed Trakai Island Castle, a 14th-century fortress built upon an island in Lake Galvė that's one of the most visited attractions in Lithuania.

Whether you've come to see the Island Castle or the scenic Trakai Historical National Park, it's definitely worth adding Trakai to your trip planner, especially seeing as it's so easy to get to. It's an easy 30-45-minute bus or train ride from Vilnius, or you can drive along the A16 motorway.