St Anne’s Church
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The capital of Lithuania is perhaps the most quintessential example of what Eastern Europe is all about all in one city. With Lithuanians making up around half of the population, the large Russian, Polish, Jewish and Belarussian communities have made Vilnius into a vibrant cosmopolitan city with a prominent art and social scene emerging within the historically and culturally rich town.

Vilnius's Old Town has grown around a small central square - home to its Town Hall. The Old Town is comprised of a number of intertwining narrow streets with lines of immaculately decorated old houses. The Vilnius' gradual growth is evident as various parts of the Old Town resemble a wide range of architectural styles of different origin. Being the least well-known of the three Baltic capitals, Vilnius lies awaiting to be discovered by European visitors which allows savvy traveller freedom to explore the unspoilt city on their own.