Gate of Dawn
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Gate of Dawn

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What is the Gate of Dawn?

The Gate of Dawn is the only remaining gate out of nine that originally formed part of the city wall around Vilnius. The gate was spared destruction in the 18th century due to the small chapel that is housed right above it which is home to the painting of Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn

This unique icon-like painting is revered by many Christian faiths including both Catholics and Orthodox Christians. It is said to have healing powers as a number of people with ailments and injuries were miraculously cured over time. Due to the chapel's size, it can feel pretty cramped inside, especially if there are a lot of visitors, so try and avoid large groups if possible.

This reverance of the icon draws a large number of worshippers and pilgrims which can often be seen on the street below the chapel praying and praising the painting. With visitors coming from all over Europe, this is one of the most revered and holy places in the whole of Lithuania.

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Gate of Dawn

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