Neumünster Abbey and the old fortress walls in Luxembourg
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  French, German, Luxembourgish Currency:  Euro

At 2,586 square kilometres, Luxembourg (aka the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) is one of the smallest countries in Europe - yet it plays a pivotal role in the EU and is home to one of the three headquarters of the European Parliament. And with its picturesque setting within the Ardennes forest, the Mullerthal rock formations and multiple lush nature parks, there's no shortage of stunning photo ops to be had!

Having changed hands many times in its history, Luxembourg it has a multicultural and multilingual feel that's one of a kind. Three primary languages are spoken here - German, French and the national language Luxembourgish - and the country's home to more than 170 different nationalities. Its fascinating history can also be seen in the sheer amount of castles there are to see, from Renaissance fortresses to Medieval ruins.

The UNESCO-listed Luxembourg City, the ancient capital, has a definite old world charm with its cobbled lanes and meandering rivers set within deep gorges and steep hills. Walk along the city ramparts and explore the historic centre on foot until you work up an appetite; you'll be surprised just how many delicious and reasonably priced restaurants you'll find here.

With its location at the geographical centre of Europe, and daily direct flights from many European countries, Luxembourg is the perfect place for a weekend getaway. It's also surrounded by Belgium, Germany and France, making it ideal base for exploring the rest of Europe.

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