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  Maltese Currency:  Euro

Famous amongst European holidaymakers, Malta is a must destination for its sun, brilliant blue waters, and historic artefacts - its stunning landscape attracts big budget movies all year round. Malta however isn't just your typical beach destination, especially when cities like its capital, Valletta, provides lots more than just honey beaches.

Dating back to the Neolithic period and with lengthy political history from occupations by several rulers, Malta has varied cultural influences - this is evident in its languages, cuisine and people. With some of the oldest structures in the world, the island of Malta has so much to offer. You can literally drown in happiness while you scuba dive at Azure Wind which is a natural cliff located on Gozo or you can lose yourself in historic temples such as the Megalithic temples or Hagar Qim.

Malta definitely isn't for the weak with its busy national itinerary. Its traditional annual holidays (usually religious) are incredible to experience regardless of your religious preference with its many Festas (feasts following certain religious patrons). For the more modern holiday go-ers, Malta also hosts annual festivals such as Jazz, International Arts, and even wine (we're in). With a focus on parks from birds to water, there is something for the whole family.

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