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Valletta has so much to do so you'll probably be confused as to how Valletta is so small only occupying 0.8 square km. Valletta is a historic and cultral haven with narrow streets and culturally diverse eats. Full of 16th Century architect, its own National Museum of Archaeology and a reputable arts and entertainment scene, you'll be trying to fit everything in for your sunny but educational getaway. 

Things to do 

If you're the type to enjoy your time in museums or visiting landmarks, then Valletta is definitely the place for you. Get lost by heading to Saint John's Co-Cathedral or take a tour though its precious palace dating back to the 1580s to really understand Maltese life. And be sure to not miss its infamous great wall built by the British military, really depicting Malta's strong history. 

Valletta has its own performing arts venue, the Manoel Theatre. Every touch inside is intricate with even gold leaf used for decor. The Manoel Theatre always has shows on so be sure to have a look beforehand and book a show to really experience the theatre at its best.

To emphasise Valletta being full of history, even its Grand Harbour tells a story. Serving as a base from 1530 until the mid 1700s and then destroyed during the second world war, the Grand Harbour is rough and ready alongside majestic views. If you want a high viewing point over the Grand Harbour for those instagram photos, head to the colonnaded Upper Barrakka Gardens. 

Great things comes in small packages.

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