Yellow wildflowers and a couple of farm silos are illuminated in the sunset
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  Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian Currency:  Moldovan Leu

Neighbouring Romania to the west and Ukraine to the east, the mostly rural country of Moldova is having something of a revival after having been dubbed the “unhappiest country in the world” in a 2008 bestselling book. Despite appearances, Moldova has a quirky, eccentric and largely unspoilt quality that makes it a top off-the-beaten-track destination. It’s also heavily dependent on agriculture, with rolling farmland a key fixture in the scenery. Did we mention they’re famous for producing top-quality, inexpensive wine? Embark on a wine tour around Molova’s hills and vineyards to see what we mean.

In Chișinău, the capital city, you can walk around the central Cathedral Park and pay a visit to the Pushkin Museum, where Pushkin lived from 1820 to 1823. And in the municipality of Soroca you can catch a glimpse of Soroca Fort and Thanksgiving Candle, a distinctive monument alongside the Dnister River.

With Chișinău International Airport located just 13km outside of the city centre, we recommend giving Moldova - one of Europe’s least-visited countries - a chance. You just might fall in love with its unique charm.

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