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Casino de Monte Carlo

Monaco > Monte Carlo

The world's most famous casino

Casino de Monte Carlo is a lot more than a collection of roulette tables, countless packs of cards and high denomination chips. This magnificent building from the middle of the nineteenth century has become the focal point of luxury and wealth for the world's richest people.

Customers compete in a lot more than just mere gambling - the cars parked at the front of the casino are ordered strictly in the casino's opinion of rarity, exclusivity and price. Cheap entertainment can be had by sitting just outside the casino and watching the cars being shuffled and rearranged once the latest Ferrari swings into the Casino Square.

The casino has been made famous by featuring in films ranging from James Bond to Ocean’12 as well as being right at the centre of the Monaco Grand Prix racing circuit. Its proximity to the Côte d’Azur resorts of Cannes and Nice means that everyone from Arab Sheikhs to Russian Olygarchs frequent the establishment to gamble away several briefcases of euros.


Casino Monte Carlo

Place du Casino


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