The futuristic-looking Dajbabska Gora Tower is an iconic landmark looming over Podgorica
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Dajbabska Gora Tower

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Dajbabska Gora Tower is one of two iconic towers in the city Podgorica, the other being the centuries-old Clock Tower in Bećir Beg Osmanagić square. And yet the futuristic-looking Dajbabska Gora Tower couldn't be more different from that historic landmark. With its striking spaceship-like appearance and prime location on a hill overlooking the city, this radio frequency spectrum control tower is a photographer's dream. Climb up the hill from Janka Đonovića to see it. You won't be able to go inside, but the views from Dajbabska Gora hill will make it worthwhile. At night, the tower shines with blue and white lights that give it an otherworldly appeal.

The 55-metre-tall radio tower was designed by Zoran Sekulić and built between 2008 and 2011 by the Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services of Montenegro.


Dajbabska Gora Tower


Podgorica Municipality

Montenegro 81000