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Northern Ireland

The capital city of Northern Ireland and literally meaning "rivermouth of the sandbanks", Belfast will keep you on your toes. Once known as one of the most dangerous cities in the country during the time of the Troubles (a period of nationalist conflicts in the 60s through to the 90s), Belfast is now one of the friendliest cities. 

Things to do

With incredible sights to see during the day which juxtaposes the inner city busy vibes, you will be in awe - seeing the sites on foot is doable too.

Head to the castle located on a hilltop, walk and breath in the Northern Irish air through the botanic gardens, and then take in the history of the sunken ocean liner, the Titanic Belfast. While you're walking from one location to another, you'll undoubtedly spot murals (Belfast is renowned for this). Tours are plentiful in the city from black taxi tours (which take you round the sites in Belfast in a quirky manner) to Harbour boat tours - they don't tend to be pricey and could save you from sore feet.
If you really want to see the undeniably gorgeous Giants Causeway (I know you're thinking about this), it's only an hour out of Belfast. 

Cute cosy cafes are everywhere for the more relaxed you but classic Victorian style pubs are never-ending for the nightlife cravings -Belfast's nightlife is up and coming with even roof terraces dotted around the city. A pub crawl will call your name. 

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