Large fish swimming through bright blue water
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Oceanario de Lisboa

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The Oceanário

The largest indoor aquarium in Europe is split into 4 distinct climate zones with a large tank in the middle of this unusual structure built in 1998. Intended to resemble an aircraft carrier, the structure looks a little more like an oil rig just off the Lisbon shore

The main tank is a huge 5,000 m³ and 7m deep with everything from sharks and eels at the top to barracudas lurking at the bottom. There are plenty of windows all around to make sure everybody can take a good look at what's going on inside.

The 4 smaller tanks represent different climatic areas: Antarctic, North Atlantic, Temperate Pacific and Tropical Indian coral reefs. These have a wide range of species rarely seen in other aquariums around the world with two sea otters proving to be the most popular with the visitors.

Opening Times

Throughout the Year

  • Open Daily: 10:00 AM to 07:00 PM

January 1st

  • Open Daily: 12:00 PM to 06:00 PM

December 25th

  • Open Daily: 01:00 PM to 06:00 PM
Price Information

Permanent Exhibition

  • General : 15.00 EUR
  • Children (Ages 4 - 12) : 10.00 EUR
  • Elders (Ages 65 - 150) : 10.00 EUR
  • Children Free

Permanent and Temporary Exhibitions

  • General : 18.00 EUR
  • Children (Ages 4 - 12) : 12.00 EUR
  • Elders (Ages 65 - 150) : 12.00 EUR
  • Children Free
  • Family : 47.00 EUR

Oceanário de Lisboa

Esplanada Dom Carlos I



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