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Pink Street

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From seedy to stylish

Back in the day, Rua Nova do Carvalho was the centre of seediness, the prime meeting spot for sailors, thieves and prostitutes. Formerly Lisbon's Red Light District, this now-iconic street has lightened up a bit in recent times, earning a new name and transforming into the place to find the city's most buzzing nightclubs, restaurants and bars.

Pink Street, which - surprise, surprise, is painted pink - is in the centre of the hip Cais do Sodré neighbourhood. Late-night clubs like MusicBox and Cais do Pirata sit alongside intimate drinking holes like Pensão Amor and The Good The Bad And The Ugly. If you're looking for cool nightlife spots that stay open late, Pink Street's your place.

One of the key fixtures is the Time Out food court in the Mercada da Ribeira, a massive market hall with restaurants, cultural events and cooking workshops. If you're embarking on a city break in Lisbon or travelling around as part of a Portugal road trip, it's well worth spending an evening exploring Pink Street (and taking advantage of the colourful photo op!)


  • Music Box - One of the liveliest and most popular nightclubs in the area. It's located under the arches and open til 6am.
  • Europa - Another Lisbon institution that hosts themed nights as well as morning dance sessions lasting from 6am to 10am.
  • Jamaica - Rowdy, energetic and intimate venue. Lots of fun if you're in the mood for dancing, not so much if you hate crowds.
  • Tokyo - A local favourite music venue with cheap drinks.


  • Pink Wine Point - Great cocktails, live music and eclectic decor (think flamingos and fairy lights).
  • Pensao Amor - A cocktail bar and former brothel with velvet sofas, kitschy decor and a tongue-in-cheek erotica theme.
  • 4 Caravelas - Understated cocktail bar with friendly barmen and a cosy atmosphere.


  • Sol e Pesca - Fishing themed hole-in-the-wall serving up canned seafood (a Lisbon specialty) and drinks.
  • Povo Lisboa - Fishcakes and tapas out on a patio, and frequent fado performances.


Pink Street



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