Aerial view of Lisbon's Commerce Square
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Lisbon's Commerce Square

Since the city was fully rebuilt following an earthquake in the 18th century, Lisbon's Commerce Square has been at the epicentre of everything that happens in Lisbon and, indeed, Portugal. The history of the square is rich with celebration and tragedy alike, a lot of which focuses on the country's royal family. The centre of the square is home to a grand statue of King Jose I, erected shortly after the square was built and showing the then King crushing mythical snakes under his horse.

The square saw the start of the end of Portugal's royal reign as King Carlos I and his son and heir apparent Luis Filipe were both assassinated as they were passing through in a carriage in 1908. The republican group who ordered the killing ended up overthrowing the regal government only two years later.

Today the square is popular with students and tourists alike. It is close to the main shopping streets of the city and is a place of choice for meeting up with friends and family. With the rest of the city seemingly looking down from above, the square unites the locals and hosts many a festival.

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