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This little village is the perfect example of literally living under a rock. Monsanto, a village located in Eastern Portugal a few hundred feet above sea level is a hidden medieval town which is known to inhabit under 1,000 people. The town is built in between 200 ton boulders located everywhere which will undoubtedly provide unique content for all things social media - boulders make up the roofs and walls of these houses, an actual bedrock. This will also make you think how smart these people were to use their surroundings for a home. You're wishing your hometown had these boulders now, right?

Monsanto is what you could describe as truly unusual but extraordinary and it would be a shame to not visit. Its castle provides crucial history dating back to the Napoleonic wars as this little village played a role in defending Portugal from invasions. Wonder through the cobbled streets full of local shops with arts and foods and proceed to make your way up the village to see its panoramic views - easily done in a few hours and only a couple of hours from Porto via train, Monsanto makes for the perfect day trip.

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