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The walled town of Obidos, Portugal, is a charming and picturesque spot in the Oueste subregion, about one hour north of Lisbon. With its well-preserved fortifications, medieval castle (Castelo de Óbidos) and narrow cobbled streets, Obidos is the perfect example of old Portugal. Expect a tranquil atmosphere and welcoming locals.

The main entrance to Obidos, known as Porta de Vila, is a spectacular monument in itself. This 18th-century gate is adorned in lovely blue tiles and an inscription dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the patron saint of Obidos. Come here and you'll likely find musicians busking beneath the arches, adding to the town's fairytale charm.

Obidos is known as an outstanding golf region and a welcoming escape from the hubbub of bigger cities like Lisbon and Porto (which is 2.5 hours away by car).  Oddly, it's also home to the largest collection of Buddha statues in all of Europe, known as the Buddha Eden. This display is hidden in the rolling farmyards and vineyards surrounding the town, about 15 minutes from the centre.  If you're after a quirky attraction in a stunning setting, consider making a trip here.

When you visit Obidos, don't forget to order a glass of Ginjinha with your meal. This is the town's signature drink: a liqueur infused with sour cherries and served in a shot glass made from chocolate. Bottoms up!

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