The distinctive modern architecture of Casa da Musica in Porto
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Casa da Musica

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Walking around the city of Porto, it's hard to miss the distinctive Casa da Musica concert hall. This futuristic looking building was designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas as part of a project after Porto was voted 2001's European Capital of Culture. Casa da Musica houses the cultural institution Fundação Casa da Música as well as three orchestras: Orquestra Nacional do Porto (Porto National Orchestra), Orquestra Barroca (Baroque Orchestra) and Remix Ensemble.

With its oblong cubist shape and minimal exterior design, the Casa offers a striking contrast against the rest of the city's architecture. Its isolated location in the centre of the historic Rotunda da Boavista, where Porto's central tram garage once stood, makes it stand out even more.

Inside the building, things get even more interesting. Chequered black and white walls provide the perfect backdrop for photos.

Visiting Casa da Music

Apart from taking photos of its striking exterior and interior, visitors can buy tickets to various performances including classical music, jazz and fado, a traditional Portuguese genre of music. Check the Casa da Musica website before you visit to see if there are any shows that coincide with your trip.

Top tips

  • The building is gorgeous to explore on your own but if you're not an architecture aficionado, it might now be worth paying 10€ for a guided tour
  • Good to visit on a rainy day
  • Head to the restaurant upstairs for tasty food with a view (it's closed on Sundays)
  • You can buy free tickets to performances on the day (maximum four per person)
Price Information

Entry to Casa da Musica

  • General Free


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