Schwarze Kirche, Brasov, Romania
Photo by Andrei-Daniel Nicolae  –  Link



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Romania is a place many would not think to come for a holiday and well, those people are simply missing out. Romania is a truly unique and unusual experience waiting for you. With history dating back 10,000 BC and its legend of count Dracula, why would you not visit Romania? And wait for it...your experience will be nothing like you predicted.

Full of beautiful roads, incredible scenery, epic waterfalls and colourful little towns like the ones you would find in a story books, there is nothing scary about Romania like the films you grew up with convey. With cobbled streets in medieval towns in the Transylvania region, a graveyard full of colourful and humorous headstones located in Spanata (urm, we find this one odd too), to modern and grand buildings in the capital, Bucharest, your Romania itinerary will be jam packed.

Try not to research cuisine because photos may not look appetising but we can assure you the food in Romania is influenced by many cultures due to its influenced history and it all tastes incredible - from all things pork to being famous for things like polenta, baked pumpkin and variations of veggie soup. You definitely won't go hungry regardless of your dietary requirements during your travels.