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Dancing bears

One of the most famous inhabitants of the Moscow zoo is a member of the Russian brown bear enclosure. This giant has a nifty habit of sitting atop a large rock facing the gasping crowds and performing his unique range of dance moves. While we in no way condone such behaviour (hobviously), this often results in a snack or two heading his way. The agility used in catching all of these is quite surprising for a bear of his size. Ice cream in the heat of the summer appears to be a definite favourite!

The dancing vibe appears to have spread across to the Polar Bear enclosure with one of the bears recently learning to do the moon walk. We're not even joking!

For the cat lovers

Another one of our favourites is the European Lynx. Often overlooked in favour of one of its many larger cousins, this big cat has unusually gracious proportions and an amazing thick fur coat. Head over to the heart of the old part of the zoo to find the Lynx on the west side of the pond.

Daily shows

The Dolphin shows throughout the day attract a large number of the zoos visitors and in order to get in, you'll need to purchase a special ticket. We, however, like to take the opportunity and visit the sea lion and seal pool. With most people gone, it is much easier to get a good look at these awe inspiring creatures as they chill out on the rocks or play in the large pool. The underwater gallery is always a good bet.

Another tip:

Make sure you remember that you have to pay to use a video camera. A nominal fee of 25 roubles (50p) is all that's required.

History of the Moscow Zoo

The celebrated Moscow zoo is the first zoo to open in Russia in 1864, right in the heart of Moscow. Located on the famous Krasnaya Presnya street, this zoo is a stone's throw away from the city centre.

Immediately after the Bolshevik revolution, the zoo was nationalised and eventually came under Moscow's control. During its early years, the zoo remained in its original boundaries on a 10 hectare site. In 1926, the zoo underwent a major expansion, doubling in size to take over a large area across the Bolshaya Gruzinskaya Street.

The zoo then remained relatively unchanged, operating as two separate entities - the "new" and "old" zoos across the road from each other until 1990. As the Soviet regime was giving way, the zoo underwent a major reconstruction. The old wooden enclosures were updated and a bridge was built to combine its two parts. Minor additions to the new half slightly enlarged the total area and new exhibits were added.

The layout

The layout of the zoo is somewhat unique due to its gradual development. The "old" part is dominated by a large lake with many varieties of birds nesting in and around its waters. This gives the zoo an almost park-like appearance.

All the animals are split into appropriate groups and exhibited in sections around the lake. Some of the newer exhibits with more exotic animals can be found across the bridge.

Opening Times

Throughout the Year

  • Open Daily: 07:30 AM to 08:00 PM
Price Information

Entry to Moscow Zoo

  • Adult : 500.00 RUB

Moscow Zoo 1 Bolshaya Gruzinskaya


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