Trinity Cathedral
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Trinity Cathedral

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Trinity Cathedral's History

The cathedral was founded soon after the foundation of the city of St Petersburg as a summer-time tent for the soldiers of the Izmailovsky regiment of the Russian army which was redislocated from the town of Izmailovo near Moscow to the new city. To this day, the Cathedral is commonly known as the Troitse-Izmailovskiy Sobor.

By 1756 a wooden Cathedral was completed to replace the temporary arrangements, but services could still only take place during the summer as the Cathedral was too cold during the long winter months. The new stone cathedral was erected fairly swiftly with work starting in 1828 and the consecration taking place in 1835.

Trinity Cathedral in the 20th century

The Cathedral was lucky to survive the Communist regime. Original plans to convert it into a crematorium never materialised and much like many others, it was used as a storage facility for the majority of the century.

After finally being restored to the Orthodox Church in 1990, restoration commenced in 2004. An unfortunate incident during a service in August 2006 caused a large fire which made the main cupola collapse and destroyed two other minor cupolas. By the end of 2007, the damage was fully repaired after heavy investment from the Government. After some further work and internal decoration, the Cathedral which can hold up to 3,000 people is now one of St Petersburg's most prized sights.

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