Stonehaven, Scotland
Photo by John Johnston  –  Link



Stonehaven is a place you have only heard of if you're Scottish, which is a huge shame. This picturesque town is home to many amazing musts and the thinking ground of many inventions. The deep fried mars bar and the fountain pen were born here and for that alone, Stonehaven should be on the map for all to visit. It also turns out that Stonehaven is the founder of civilisation: 428 million years ago in fact, proven from a fossil of a millipede less than 1cm found in the early 2000s.

Civilisation, writing, and fried foods, you're wondering can there possibly be any more reasons to visit? Well, yes. With a population of under 12,000 people (turns out civilisation didn't stick around too much) there is plenty to do here which makes for a great day trip - a 25 minute drive from Aberdeen or a 20 minute train ride. Scenic views of the harbour, to Dunnottar castle and the War Memorial finished off by the best Fish and Chip shop in Scotland (did you know that pensioner portions are a thing in Scotland? That's right, smaller portions at a cheaper price for old people - a haven for our grandparents, quite clearly). If it's spring or summer time, be sure not to miss out on Aunt Betty's Ice Cream shop, the locals swear by it.

A place you had never heard of before now on your list for your Scottish adventure, give Stonehaven some of your time and you won't leave disappointed.