Michael's gate, Bratislava, Slovakia
Photo by Francisco Anzola  –  Link



  Slovak Currency:  Euro

Having become independent in 1993, Slovakia is a land with lots to see and learn. Settlers dating back to the 5th and 6th Century, you would be naive to think Slovakia's history only began in the 90s. Located in Central Europe with a population of around 5 million and landlocked between Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, and the Ukraine, Slovakia is over 80% mountains with nature at the tip of its fingers - also famous for its national parks (many which are protected) and its 6000+ caves.

Slovakia is an underrated nation waiting to be discovered by holidaymakers across the globe. With the world's highest number or castles and chateaux per capita, large folk culture perfectly preserved along with folk architecture, and incredible dishes such as "bryndzove halusky" (soft sheep's cheese over potatoes and sprinkled with bacon), you have an endless itinerary. Slovakia is also in the list of the 10 most boozy countries in the world and that means where there is booze, there is fun.

Head out of the city to see Slovakia from above or walk through the cobbled streets of Bratislava on your way to museums and local spots for food. Or do both because either way, you will be in awe.

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