Precious Bratislava, Slovakia
Photo by Mike Bakker  –  Link



A capital full of interesting facts packed full of things to do. Located in South-West Slovakia, Bratislava is the only capital that borders with two other countries. A population of just under 500,000, you wouldn't know that Bratislava has so much for you to do and see to make the perfect holiday.

The city is full of beautiful architecture seeing its first settlers of what is now Slovakia date back to the 6th Century. Walk through the historic old town for those incredible photos you won't be able to wait to upload and then head to the beautiful Devin castle. Fountains are plentiful and beer is on tap - Bratislava has well and truly established its love of beer with a new influx of microbreweries that are hidden around the city and also hosts a beer festival annually. Some say its on its way to compete with Prague.

To also prove there is much to do, almost all year round Bratislava has a number of festivals. From the Cultural Summer and Castle Festival that lasts all summer long to the Slovak food festival and its very own music festival named "Viva Musica!". Its Art and Culture scene is amazing with over 100 museums, galleries and theatres collectively - also a great way to learn about Slovakia's folk culture and differing variations of art this amazing city has to offer.

Although it may look like a concrete jungle due to its push for modernisation, Bratislava has not let go of its lush green scenes evident along its riversides and parks. Don't miss out on this hidden metropolis for what could make the best European getaway of your year.