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The formerly congested capital city of Ljubljana in Slovenia has reformed itself in recent years to become one of Central Europe’s most vibrant and charming places to visit. This is thanks, in part, to the pedestrianisation of the city centre, resulting in more than 500 square metres of public green space per resident. In 2016, these efforts were paid off when Ljubljana was named the Europe Green Capital of the year

Thanks to the extensive choice of wines and wine-related events in the city, it's also known as a "city of vine and wine." Indeed, Ljubljana sits at the crossroads of the Mediterranean, the Karst, the Alps and the Pannonian Basin, which are all renowned wine regions. Ancient city squares, incredible museums and delectable local wines are just some of the reasons why we love Ljubljana!

Things to do in Ljubljana

Much of the downtown area is centred around Ljubljana Castle, a sprawling Medieval fortress guarding the city from its vantage point on Castle Hill. Take a tour around the castle to learn about its history, or visit during one of the many musical and cultural events that take place here throughout the year. The Chapel of St George at Ljubljana Castle is also a popular wedding venue.

As we mentioned before, there are no cars allowed in Ljubljana city centre, so your best bet is to explore on foot or pick up a bike from one of the many BicikeLJ stations dotted around the city. Cross Dragon Bridge over the Ljubljanica River, and make some time to snap photos of the famous dragon statues adorning it.

To get a taste of local life, spend an afternoon at Central Market and stock up on fresh fish, local honey and Slovenian cheese. If you’re still hungry, head to Open Kitchen Market (open every Friday from early spring to late fall) and gorge yourself on all the delicious street food.

Day trips

Thanks to Slovenia’s small and manageable size, much of the sites worth seeing are all within easy access of one another. Ljubljansko Barje Nature Park, just south of the capital, is the largest marsh in all of Slovenia. And the unbelievably stunning Lake Bled is a mere 40 minutes away from Ljubljana by car.

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