Colourful buildings line Tartini Square on a sunny day in Pilan
Photo by Marco Verch  –  Link



Piran in Slovenia is one of the most picturesque towns on the Adriatic coast. Situated at the tip of a narrow peninsula, this resort city has a wealth of secret treasures to discover, from the well-preserved Old Town to the characterful Church of St George, built in a distinctive baroque style. Wander down Piran's quaint alleyways and explore the coastal cliffs surrounding the city. You just might fall in love with this underrated destination.

If you're into fresh seafood, spectacular views and a wealth of outdoor activities, it's time to plan your trip to Piran. It's super close to the Croatia border, so you can easily fit it into a journey around the Balkans. You can also take a ferry from Venice, Italy, which is just under three hours away across the Adriatic Sea.