Casares, Spain
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The neat white houses of Casares in Spain's Malaga region are built into the mountains, making for quite the picturesque village. With a population of just a few thousand people, Casares is small, but it's got a surprising amount of lovely restaurants and galleries and a history of attracting famous people to its streets.

Centuries ago, Roman emperor Julius Caesar visited Casares to bathe in its healing sulphur baths. He left feeling restored, and the town was thereafter named for him. In more recent history, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt took a trip to Casares and left with a couple of paintings in tow that they purchased from a local gallery. And Patrick Stewart vacationed here with his wife back in 2013.

If you're doing a road trip around Spain's Mediterranean coast, it's definitely worth stopping off in Casares to see the panoramic views of the sea and to visit the 12th-century Casares Castle at the top of the hill. Adventurous travellers can enjoy the footpaths and hikes around the town, and animal lovers can get their binoculars out to spy eagles, vultures, and other birds of prey that are known to frequent the skies above Casares.

Casares is one of several "white villages" (pueblos blancos) in this part of Spain, along with Vejer de la Frontera, Mijas, Frigliana, and many more. Visit Casares to discover its charm and appeal that has endured for hundreds of years.