Looking up at the front of the Granada Cathedral in Spain
Photo by Wenjie Zhang  –  Link



This beautiful medieval city in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains is best known as the home of the grand Alhambra fortress, one of the most popular landmarks in the country. With its winding, hilly streets and vibrant tapas culture, Granada is definitely worth including on your travel bucket list.

There's a distinctly relaxed atmosphere in Granada, which is exemplified in the tapas culture. Many restaurants will give you a free tapa with each beer you purchase, seemingly encouraging you to indulge in long, leisurely lunches. The extreme heat during the summer also means that siestas are common here.

In the wintertime, the vibe here changes as snow covers the peaks and travellers flock here to go skiing on the southernmost mountain range in Europe.

Granada also makes for a brilliant base from which to explore the surrounding areas, with the Costa del Sol and the Sierra Nevada mountains both within easy reach.