Islamic architecture surrounds a central courtyard in Seville's Real Alcazar
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Alcazar of Jerez

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What is the Alcazar?

The Spanish word Alcazar is derived from the Arabic al-qasr, which means 'the fort, castle or fortress'.

Though smaller than the more famous Alcazar in Seville, this Moorish fortress is still a beautiful and enchanting place to visit when you're in Jerez.

It was built in the 11th century when the city was under Moorish rule. Take a look inside and you'll see lush Islamic-style gardens, bubbling fountains and well-preserved Arab baths.

Within the Alcazar is a 12th-century mosque, which was transformed into a chapel in 1264. On the opposite side of the grounds, within the 18th and 19th-century Palacio Villavicencio, is a camera obscura offering panoramic views of the city. An old olive press and pharmacy within the fortress offer a glimpse of life many years ago.

Opening Times

Throughout the Year

  • Open Daily: 09:30 AM to 02:30 PM
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Entry to Alcazar of Jerez

  • General : 5.00 EUR

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