The bustling Gran Via is the main thoroughfare in Madrid
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Gran Vía

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The most famous street in Madrid

You can't possibly visit Madrid without taking a stroll down Gran Vía ("Great Way"), the city's main thoroughfare. This lively boulevard in central Madrid starts at Plaza de España in the north and runs to Calle de Alcalá in the south. Known as the Spanish Broadway for its cultural importance as well as the theatres you can find along it, Gran Via is teeming with life and activity, with upscale shops, bars, restaurants and hotels lining every block.

Construction on this wide street began in 1910 and was completed in 1929. Since then, it's been the centre of hustle and bustle in Madrid. To get the full experience, go to a performance at La Chocita del Loro or embark on a shopping trip to one of the many boutiques, shopping centres and high-end stores. It's also fascinating to observe how the architecture along this road has changed over the years, from Vienna Secession-style buildings to wonderful examples of Art Deco.

Some of the notable landmarks you'll see along Calle Gran Via include:

  • The Telefonica Building
  • The Capitol building
  • Plaza de Callao
  • Plaza de España
  • Edificio Grassy
  • The Metropolis Building
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Gran Via


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