Waves crash against the coast in Nerja, Spain
Photo by Ken Yamaguchi  –  Link



The scenic resort town of Nerja, located about 50km east of Malaga city, is sandwiched between the Mediterranean Sea and the Sierra Almijara mountain range, making for quite the stunning setting. Come for the beautiful sandy beaches or to take a tour of the incredible Nerja Caves (Cueva de Nerja), filled with remarkable stalactites and stalagmite that formed millions of years ago. Whether you're a sun-worshipper, a foodie or a history buff, you'll feel right at home in Nerja.

Old Town

Nerja Old Town is a network of narrow pedestrian streets flanked by charming restaurants and tapas taverns. After you've explored a bit, treat yourself to some pescaito frito (fried fish) and pinchitos (meat skewers). And be sure to take a photo on the famous Balcon de Europa, a pretty promenade at the edge of a cliff overlooking the water. The panoramic views from here are second to none, especially with the mountains in the background.


If you're travelling by car, we highly recommend making a stop at Playa de Moro, a relatively secluded beach ten minutes east of Nerja proper. Crystal clear waters make this the perfect spot to go for a swim, so bring your goggles!

Parking is just off the main road, and you'll need to walk down a steep staircase to reach the beach. Make sure you bring your own towels and snacks (and, if it's the summertime, an umbrella to escape the summer heat!)