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Palma de Mallorca


Famous for its beach resorts and the perfect family holiday getaway, Palma de Mallorca is more than just a place to sit in the sunshine and sipping on cocktails. Making the most of your time in this city is necessary and completely doable.

Palma de Mallorca is full of things to do and see, from walking or riding your way through Serra de Tramuntana for a week to discovering the culture of Majorca by visiting the Palma Cathedral or the Bellver Castle. Even if you want to dedicate your time to beaches alone, be sure to hop around the many the island has to offer - each one is unique and the differences will surprise you completely.

Over the years, Mallorca's city has also become a destination for foodies, both Michelin star to local gastropubs. You can find tapas sat outside or dine inside and have a full roast dinner. This is a hot-spot for excellent cuisine.

And only a fifteen minute drive from the airport, you have the choice to make this a weekend getaway or a destination to truly get dug into.

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