A red house with a pink door in the city of Malmo, Sweden
Photo by Georgy Rudakov  –  Link



Having belonged to Denmark in the past, Malmo's history is one that can take time to get the hang of - don't worry though, there are plenty of museums to educate you correctly. Malmo has always been known as the landing place due to its location dating back to the 13th century. Maritime traffic was strife here but despite no longer needing boats to get from Denmark to Sweden anymore thanks to the bridge, ├śresund, Malmo still remains a meeting spot. Youthful but still old, generations crossover here which makes Malmo unique.

Easy to get round by walking or buses, this place is a must for even just a day trip. Visit the Malmo Castle that is a dusky pink which is easy on the eye or head to Kungsparken, which weirdly, is an English style park. but huge in size. Dotted with cool cafes and restaurants, Malmo provides the ultimate chilled vibes with cool Scandinavian surroundings.