Fraum√ľnster and Monastery Bridge
Photo by CEphoto, Uwe Aranas  –  Link



  French, German, Italian Currency:  Swiss Franc

The mountainous land of cheese, chocolate, watches and banks right in the heart of Europe is a must visit for any discerning traveller. Switzerland is unique in a number of ways having created an identity of a neutral and independent state over the centuries. From the medieval times, the wealthiest people in the world have used Swiss banks as a beacon of stability and security for their riches. This has meant that Switzerland has remained immune to any of the wars that surrounding countries engaged in and grew peacefully to further increase its prosperity. Regularly ranking top of the world's quality of life tables, Switzerland is a mix of beautiful traditional cities with alpine tranquility. The country is divided into cantons which the Swiss take great pride in. Each part is distinctly different to others from culture and the landscape to language and tradition.