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The Netherlands

The city of Amsterdam is perhaps best known for its seedy side, namely the infamous Red Light district and the locals' liberal views on drugs. While 'shrooms and scantily clad women are readily available in certain parts of town, there is a great deal more to Europe's most influential historic trading hub.

The Dutch capital is home to some of Europe's finest architecture, with an abundance of Renaissance-style buildings. The Museumplein square is where you'll find most of the city's well-known museums, which range from a large collection of Van Gogh's art and the a house where Rembrandt used to live through to the Anne Frank museum dedicated to the plight of Jews during the Second World War.

King's Day in Amsterdam 

Every year on the 27th of April, the locals of Amsterdam take a day off work to celebrate the King's birthday. King's Day is actually the busiest day of the year for Amsterdam, so if you're visiting then, expect huge crowds wherever you go and be sure to not plan your typical cycling and boat itinerary on this day. Expect to see crowds dressed in orange (the official Dutch colour) clothes and accessories.

On the day, travelling around Amsterdam will be a pain as transport comes to a halt. But instead of letting it get you down, you should take the opportunity to join the locals in their festivities. This is the biggest street party of the city, so enjoy the sunshine and drink your day away in true mokummer style (the colloquial term of someone from Amsterdam). 

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