Old and new buildings reflect on the water in the Hague, Holland
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The Hague

The Netherlands

The Hague is an old city and Holland's largest on the sea coast. Unlike many other old towns in the region, its streets are wide and long making for a more grandiose atmosphere despite the predominantly low-rise buildings. The most interesting attraction are the streets themselves as The Hague is a a bustling city with many international organizations making it their home (including the International Criminal Court and one of the UN Headquarters). In addition, despite not being the capital, the Dutch government, all international embassies and the Supreme Court are all located in the city making it the nation's functional capital in all but name.

If your heart desires some more art, the Mauritshuis Museum is fantastic and has a great collection of Dutch and Flemish golden age art including some of the best–known pieces by artists such as Rembrandt and Vermeer. Located in the heart of Het Binnenhof district, the collection is displayed in a grand 17th century building originally built by John Maurice of Nassau - the Prince of a number of oveseas territories including northern Brazil.

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