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  Ukrainian, Russian Currency:  Ukrainian Hryvnia

Ukraine is one of Europe's most beautiful countries and with its massive size has everything from hot seaside resorts to tall mountain ranges. Recent political unrest and the military conflinct in the east have destabilised the country, but here's hoping that the situation resolves itself as there is a lot of amazing sights and cities to visit. Lviv, Kiev and Kharkiv are amazing examples of ancient cities in a country where the Russian empire first started. Kiev being the birthplace of the Rus' has a number of classic monuments mixed with reminders of the 20th century communist history. The western part of Ukraine has a distinctly more European feel to it with Lviv in particular feeling much more like a central european town with a grand central square and street cafes.

If a beach break tickles your fancy, Odessa may just be the ticket. It is true that the beach quality will not be on par with many alternative European destinations, but if you like to see more than just the sea, you will get plenty of cultural enlightenment here. The locals are extremely welcoming and if you get yourself to some of the restaurants in town, you will find a wide range of exceptionally good food with quality entertainment to boot.

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