About Us

LazyTrips is a completely free and easy-to-use platform where you can discover, plan and book your travel all in one place. Treat it as your travel moodboard, your wanderlust wishlist, and your trusted trip companion. We promise not to show you pushy pop-ups or unwanted ads; just a complete itinerary and a nifty Google map to go with it.

Use the LazyTrips planner to:
  • decide where to go
  • plan & save the perfect route
  • find things to do
  • book all of your accommodation

Our mission: We are the go-to destination for passionate travellers who are constantly planning their next adventure. Forget package holidays; we’re all about immersing ourselves in the culture, history and beauty of the places we visit. Whether you feel like road-tripping around Italy, cruising along the Adriatic coast or scaling the Alps, we’re here to help you make your wildest travel dreams become reality.

Let’s hit the road.