About Us

Lazy Trips was born in March 2012 in Nottingham, UK. We are a hub for people who love to travel off the beaten track, steer clear of package holidays and want to experience the culture, history, food and beauty of Europe rather than stay within the confines of an all-inclusive hotel making a daily pilgrimage to the pool and only ever leaving the front door to head back to the airport at the end of the 2 week break.

Who are we?

Lazy Trips was founded by people with a real passion for travel. We will find any excuse to go on a road trip around Italy, scale the Alps or cruise along the Balkan coast if we have a few days spare, the sun is shining and we feel good. When we're not making an overnight run to Monaco, we indulge ourselves in a newly discovered love of photography (check back on the website for updates!) and occasionally contribute to the website. If you have any queries, please get in touch.