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Dianne Titos

Dianne Titos

Dianne is what some people would describe as a digital nomad although we prefer the term road trip junkie instead.

Dianne grew up in New York City's Manhattan and after graduating from college decided that rubbing shoulders with people wearing expensive suits in Midtown wasn't for her.

Armed with a reliable Dodge van, a laptop, guitar and a seriously infectious laugh, Dianne set off to live life outside the confines of societal pressure.

Mixing online freelancing and performing in random bars across the country, Dianne has learned all the tricks of making the most out of life on the road.

After criss-crossing much of the United States and Canada, Dianne has broadened her horizons and is busy exploring as many countries as she can - it's amazing what sort of life you can make for yourself using wifi from a hotel in Bogota or sipping coffee in a street corner cafe in Paris.