Roosevelt Island cable tram car connecting Roosevelt Island to Manhattan

Roosevelt Island Tramway

Updated by Pat Dorri on March 7 2024

Unique Aerial Commute with Stunning Views of Manhattan and the East River.

Address: E 59th St & 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10022, United States (Manhattan side)

View from the tram above the river, traveling next to the bridge
Enjoy the spectacular views from this popular and memorable transport.

💲 Adult fare from $3

👩‍🦽 Wheelchair accessible

🍽️ No dining options

🚽 No Public Restrooms

Where can I find Roosevelt Island Tramway?

The Roosevelt Island Tramway offers a unique mode of transportation, connecting Manhattan to Roosevelt Island with a tram station located at E 59th St and 2nd Ave.

Why should I visit Roosevelt Island Tramway?

Riding the Roosevelt Island Tramway is an experience unlike any other in New York City, offering not just a mode of transit but a memorable aerial adventure.

You can expect breath taking views of the city's skyline, the East River, and the Queensboro Bridge during this 5-minute ride.

What are the opening hours at Roosevelt Island Tramway?

General opening hours

Monday - 6am - 2am

Tuesday - 6am - 2am

Wednesday - 6am - 2am

Thursday - 6am - 2am

Friday - 6am - 2am

Saturday - 6am - 3.30am

Sunday - 6am - 2am

The tram operates approximately every 7-15 minutes.

Closures and holidays

Although the Roosevelt Island Tramway is pretty reliable, some services can be affected. Check out the office website before you travel.

Aerial view of Roosevelt Island with New York Skyscrapers
Explore the many parks of Roosevelt Island.

Where should I park when visiting Roosevelt Island Tramway?

Limited street parking is available near the tram station in Manhattan. Public transportation is the best way to access the tramway due to its closeness to subway and bus lines.

Is Roosevelt Island Tramway accessible by public transportation?

Roosevelt Island Tramway is easily accessible by the subway (N, R, W, 4, 5, 6 to Lexington Ave/59th St station) and various bus routes, making it a convenient option for both residents and visitors.

When is the best time to visit Roosevelt Island Tramway?

Riding during sunset offers spectacular views of the city lighting up, while off-peak hours can provide a less crowded experience.

What are the best things to see near Roosevelt Island Tramway?

There are plenty of great places close to Roosevelt Island Tramway to also explore. Here are some favorites.

  • Roosevelt Island - Explore the island's parks, landmarks, and promenades offering serene views of Manhattan.
  • Four Freedoms Park - A beautifully designed park dedicated to President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  • The Queensboro Bridge - Offers a historic perspective on New York's engineering feats.
Queensboro bridge panorama at sunset, as viewed from Roosevelt Island
Marvel at the impressive The Queensboro Bridge during your visit.

Common questions about Roosevelt Island Tramway

Roosevelt Island Tramway promises breath taking views, for what promises to be an unforgettable ride between Manhattan and Roosevelt Island. Here is what else you can expect to.

Is Roosevelt Island Tramway accessible to those with lower mobility?

✔️ Yes, Roosevelt Island Tramway is wheelchair accessible.

Is Roosevelt Island Tramway free to enter?

❌ No, there is a fee to travel Roosevelt Island Tramway. Use a MetroCard, it is the same fare as a subway ride.

Is Roosevelt Island Tramway pet-friendly?

✔️ Pets are allowed on Roosevelt Island Tramway if they are in a secure carrier that can be held on your lap.

Is Roosevelt Island Tramway child-friendly?

✔️ Yes, children enjoy Roosevelt Island Tramway, especially the views and the thrill of flying over the river.

Is Roosevelt Island Tramway a year-round attraction?

✔️ Yes, Roosevelt Island Tramway operates year-round, offering different scenic views in each season.

Are refreshments available at Roosevelt Island Tramway?

❌ No, there are no dining options on Roosevelt Island Tramway.

❗ You can find various options on Roosevelt Island and in Manhattan.

Are there restrooms at Roosevelt Island Tramway?

❌ No public restrooms are available on Roosevelt Island Tramway.

What else is useful to know before I visit Roosevelt Island Tramway

It's a great way to access Roosevelt Island for walking, picnicking, and exploring without the need for a car.
Daytime views from Roosevelt Island Tramway
Take in the breath taking views from this unusual mode of transport.

Where to stay near Roosevelt Island Tramway

There are plenty of great hotel options in Upper East Side, great to head back to, whatever your budget, after a memorable visit on Roosevelt Island Tramway.