Birds eye view of Malibu Beach, from the ocean, to the white sands and Malibu build up itself
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Malibu Beach

Updated by Pat Dorri on February 19 2024

Feel like a celebrity hanging out on stunning coastline along Malibu Beach, surrounded by sandy shores, impressive rock formations and luxurious homes dotted along the cliffs. Whether you planning some celebrity spotting, surfing action or just soaking up the Californian sun, then Malibu Beach is a must-visit.

A quick overview of Malibu Beach, California
Street AddressπŸ“Eastern Malibu, Malibu, CA 90265
Facilities at this beach

πŸ•’ Opening hours (7am-10pm)

πŸš— Parking ($12.00/All Day)

🌊 Lifeguard station

🚻 Public restrooms

Where can I find the Malibu Beach along the Pacific Coast Highway?

The closest city to Malibu Main Beach is the city of Malibu itself, which is just a short 2 miles from the city center packed with restaurants, stores and entertainment. As you travel along Pacific Coast Highway you'll see signs showing where the public access spots are to the beach.

The parking lots for Malibu Main Beach are pretty close to the sand. A popular place to park is State Beach, in front of Adamson House.

The closest major city is Los Angeles, to the southeast of Malibu, which is around 25 miles away, and takes 30 minutes to drive.

Why we love visiting Malibu Beach

Malibu Beach has plenty going on to keep you entertained all day long, with this recognizable destination one that should be on the to-do list as you travel the Pacific Coast Highway.

The scenic beauty of Malibu's cliffs, coves, and rocks is a pretty backdrop for beachgoers, and a favorite for photography fans and nature lovers.

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How we rate the different aspects of Malibu Beach
Natural beauty and scenery⭐⭐⭐
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Activities on offer⭐⭐⭐

Malibu Beach enjoys miles of unspoiled coastline. It offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy city, ideal for relaxation.

As a surfing mecca, the beach boasts some of the world's most iconic surf spots. Beginners and seasoned surfers will love riding these waves.

The upscale beach town vibe of Malibu is dotted with chic boutiques and gourmet eateries. An occasional celebrity sighting adds a touch of glamour!

Beyond the beach, Malibu offers plenty of attractions to keep everyone entertained. From wine tasting tours to historic landmarks there is plenty going on close by to the iconic beachfront.

A sign and a seagull welcome visitors to the pier at Malibu Beach in California.
There are plenty of reasons why a visit to Malibu Beach needs to be on your itinerary.

What else is there to do near Malibu Beach?

Malibu Beach is the ideal place to enjoy a day of sunbathing and surfing. However, if you can drag yourself away then make sure to visit some of these other local highlights.

  1. Malibu Pier - A historic landmark, the Malibu Pier offers views of the Pacific Ocean and is a popular spot for fishing, dining, and watching surfers ride the waves.
  2. Adamson House and Malibu Lagoon Museum - This beautiful Spanish Revival home showcases tilework and glimpse into California's early 20th-century history.
  3. Legacy Park - An environmental preservation space in the heart of Malibu, Legacy Park showcases educational exhibits and shares the city's commitment to sustainability and conservation.
  4. Malibu Lagoon - A vital wetland habitat at the mouth of Malibu Creek, it is a must-visit for birdwatchers.
  5. Malibu Contemporary Art Gallery - Showcasing the works of modern artists, it offers visitors a enjoy the local art scene.

Common questions about visiting Malibu Beach

Visit Malibu Beach and you can be sure to experience gorgeous sandy shores, world-famous surf spots, and breath taking views, which can be visited and enjoyed year-round.

Is Malibu Beach accessible and open year-round?

β­• Yes, Malibu Beach is accessible and open year-round.

❗ The best time to visit is between July and November, when it's a little less busy but the weather is good.

Can I enjoy water sports at Malibu Beach?

β­• Yes you can enjoy water sports at Malibu Beach. Swimming, surfing and paddle boarding are popular here.

Is Malibu Beach easily accessible for those using wheelchairs or strollers?

β­• Yes, Malibu Beach is easily accessible for all, with parking lots and pathways leading directly to the beach.

Is there anywhere to buy refreshments at Malibu Beach?

β­• Yes, you can buy refreshments along Malibu Beach near Malibu Pier.

Are dogs allowed on Malibu Beach?

❌ No, dogs are not allowed at Malibu Beach

Are there any changing facilities at Malibu Beach?

❗ There are no changing facilities at Malibu Beach, however you can use the restrooms and there are outdoor showers.

Are there any beach chairs or umbrellas to hire at Malibu Beach?

❌ No, there are no beach chairs or umbrellas to hire at Malibu Beach

Is there anything else to watch out for when I visit Malibu Beach?

While not extremely common, there are times when jellyfish might be near the shore, and stingrays have also been seen. Shuffling your feet when entering the water can help avoid stepping on them.

Beach in Malibu seen through the palm trees, with sea in the background and golden clouds at sunset
Check out the beautiful coastline of Malibu Beach. You can be sure of a memorable visit.