Aerial view of the scenic green landscape and blue lake and skies across Lake Champlain, New York
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26 Best Lakes in Upstate New York

Published by Pat Dorri on June 28 2023

Known for its natural beauty, cultural and historic attractions and tasty wineries, there is already plenty to keep you entertained in Upstate New York, but once you throw in a visit to a beautiful lake or reservoir in the area you really are being spoilt.

In this list of the 26 best lakes in Upstate New York, you will learn about amazing spots for watersports, trophy-winning fishing, epic hiking trails, peaceful retreats and scenic sunbathing at some of the very best lakes and reservoirs you can find.

Keep reading to see all the best places to head for a day or two of fun and frolics in beautiful and unforgettable surroundings. One thing is for certain, once you start travelling to these amazing lakes you won't want to stop at visiting just one.

Best lakes in Upstate New York for enjoying different recreational activities
ActivityOur favorite lakes in Upstate New York
Best lakes for fishing

Chautauqua Lake

Owasco Lake

Best lakes for swimming

Keuka Lake

Green Lakes State Park

Best lakes for water sports

Schroon Lake

Saranac Lake

Best lakes for a weekend trip

Lake Ontario

Lake Minnewaska

Best lakes for camping

Great Sacandaga Lake

Lake George

You can learn more about the activities you can do at each lake and other useful information. Please click here to reach the table at the bottom of the article to see the travel times to each lake from major cities in Upstate New York.

1. Lake Erie

30 minutes from Buffalo (25 miles)

Why you should visit: Only a 30-minute drive from Buffalo, this is the fourth largest great lake, covering just under 10,000 square miles, and a part of a Western New York road trip. There are sandy beaches to enjoy and historic sites to explore, with the lake bridging into US and Canada borders.

Close up view of the classic Dunkirk Lighthouse overlooking Lake Erie at sunset, New York.
Make sure to visit the impressive and interesting Dunkirk Lighthouse when you head down to Lake Erie.
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Main activities you can do there:

  • Watersports
  • Canoeing
  • Kayaks
  • Hiking

How to get there: From Buffalo head south, exiting the roundabout onto Delaware Avenue and onto Church Street. Then head onto NY-5 before arriving onto Kennedy Avenue and at Lake Erie Beach.

Our highlights: Make sure to visit Evangola State Park which has a natural sandy beach on Lake Erie where you can be sure to rest and relax. A lovely picnic stop off.

If you fancy a historic spot then visit the Dunkirk Lighthouse, where you can explore the lighthouse structure and museum. An interesting and worthwhile visit.

The north shore of Lake Erie is beautiful and thought of as one of the most scenic spots in the area. It is ideal for bird watchers where you can enjoy spotting the songbirds and shorebirds, as you hike throughout the pretty woodlands surrounding Lake Erie.

Bonus: Lake Erie's name is derived from ‘erielhonan', which is Iroquoian for ‘long tail', the lake share Lake Erie holds.

Opening hours: Open all day, and year-round.

Other things to know: Lake Erie has had a swimming beach in the past, however, this is currently closed so make sure to check the latest information if you fancy a paddle.

2. Silver Lake

1 hour from Buffalo (55 miles)

Why you should visit: Silver Lake spans 776 acres, running all the way from Perry Village to Silver Lake State Park near Silver Springs. This pretty lake is a favorite among locals, heading here to enjoy fishing and boating in this very scenic setting.

View across the waters of Silver Lake in Sullivan County, surrounded by lush woodlands on a summers day, New York
Meander around the miles of beautiful trails that you can find here at Silver Lake.
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Main activities you can do there:

  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Picnicking
  • Boating

How to get there: Take NY-400 and US-20A to Lake Rd and Silver Lake Rd in Perry.

From here follow Lake Rd and Silver Lake Rd to Walker Road, where you will shortly arrive at Silver Lake.

Our highlights: Fishing is very popular here, with anglers able to add species such as largemouth bass, walleye and panfish to their catch of the day.

With around 85 miles of paved trails, you can enjoy many hours of hiking or biking around the pretty shoreline.

A fun afternoon can then be had at the Charcoal Corral, where you can find fun for all the family including mini golf, an arcade and concession stands. Ideal for the little ones in your group.

If you fancy a dose of history then head to the Pioneer Log Cabin and Museum, a historic building housing artifacts and information about the lives of Silver Lake area residents for over 100 years.

Bonus: Over the last century or more the lake has been used for so many different purposes including a casino, ice harvesting and ice-skating championships.

Opening hours: The park is open year-round from 6am to 11pm.

Other things to know: The Boat Launch is also open year-round, with the docks available from April to October.

3. Chautauqua Lake

1 hour 25 minutes from Buffalo (75 miles)

Why you should visit: Known as the ‘thumb' within the Finger Lakes due to its position, this wide and long lake makes for a brilliant angling spot, where you can enjoy spectacular views while you fish.

Line of red and white chairs overlooking the calm waters and sun setting at Lake Chautauqua in Western New York State
Sit back and relax watching the world go by on the shores of the pretty, natural, Chautauqua Lake.
Dean Hammel/

Main activities you can do there:

  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Swimming
  • Sailing

How to get there: From Buffalo head along Interstate-90 (I-90) in Hamburg before following I-90 to NY-394. Take exit 60 from I-90 and then NY-394 towards Chautauqua Lake.

Our highlights: Known as one of the best places to fish, this natural lake covering over 13,000 acres is teeming with interesting fish species including muskellunge and panfish. With such an interesting habitat you can enjoy fishing here throughout the year and always be rewarded.

If you fancy staying at the lake a little later in the day, then book a trip on the renowned Chautauqua Belle, where you can jump on and take a cruise on this impressive vessel for dinner, drinks and even fireworks.

Off the lake, make sure to spend time in Chautauqua Gorge State Forest. There are miles of pretty hiking trails here, ideal for a leg stretch and lunch. If your hike stretches into a long weekend then there are plenty of camping spots throughout the forest.

Bonus: A popular fishing spot, 81 species of fish have been noted at the lake since records began in 1902.

Opening hours: Open year-round.

Other things to know: Some of the lake cruise options operate only from June to September, so if you are heading to the lake to enjoy a tour then make sure to check and book in advance.

4. Lake Ontario

1 hour and 20 minutes from Buffalo (85 miles)

Why you should visit: A wildlife-rich beauty spot, known as one of the ‘Great Lakes', is full of things to do across the expansive lake that reaches across into Canada. Plenty to do here on the beachfront, waters and surrounding shores.

An impressive boat house in the background, and sailboat passing through Lake Ontario, New York
A visit to Lake Ontario is bound to leave you delighted, with plenty of fun activities to enjoy on the water.
Jack Guckert/

Main activities you can do there:

  • Boating
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Camping
  • Wildlife spotting
  • Hiking

How to get there: From Buffalo head Interstate-190 (I-190), then head along I-90 and I-490 to Pattonwood Drive in Rochester. Arriving here at Durand Eastman Beach, one of the most popular sandy beaches and shorelines for Lake Ontario.

Our highlights: Venture to Selkirk Shores State Park, which overlooks the bluff on Lake Ontario. There are lots of recreational activities here where you can swim and fish in the pretty waters.

If you are planning to stay in the area for a while then a short distance from Lake Ontario is Niagara Falls, which you can enter from the US side. Scenic Parkway.

There is an entrance on both the US and Canadian sides of this world-famous waterfalls, which straddles the US and Canadian border.

Bonus: Named after the Iroquois word ‘Ontario' meaning ‘Great Lake', it holds 4 times the water volume of Lake Erie, even though the two lakes are similar in size.

Opening hours: Open all day, year-round.

Other things to know: Visitor centers and information booths are available in certain areas near Lake Ontario. These facilities can provide maps, brochures, and helpful advice on recreational activities, attractions, and events.

5. Conesus Lake

1 hour 30 minutes from Buffalo (90 miles)

Why you should visit: Conesus Lake is found in the westernmost part of the Finger Lakes region, and is ideal for those looking for a fun and high-energy lake to visit with plenty of outdoor recreation going on.

View of Conesus Lake from pretty floral Vitale Park, with lake waters in the background, Lakeville, New York
Conesus Lake enjoys beautiful surroundings which you can admire as you take out a kayak or canoe onto the calm lake.
Debora Truax/

Main activities you can do there:

  • Watersports
  • Fishing
  • Kayaking
  • Waterskiing

How to get there: Leave Buffalo along Interstate-190 (I-190), before following I-90 east and I-390 to Avon and taking exit 9. Continue on NY-15 where shortly after you will arrive at Conesus Lake.

Our highlights: The waters here are pretty shallow and make it a great spot for water activities including swimming and fishing. If you are heading out on the water then you can find the Public Boat Launch near Livonia.

As well as great in the summer, in winter water activities including ice fishing and ice skating are commonplace, with the lake typically freezing over during the season.

Make a visit to the informative Chip Holt Nature Center, located on the north end of Conesus Lake. Here you can understand more about the lake's history and ongoing conservation efforts across the Finger Lakes.

Bonus: If you arrive during July then the annual ‘Ring of Fire' celebration can be witnessed. The Fourth of July holiday is commemorated with a Seneca Indian tradition, where flares are lit around the lake before a large firework display. Head here at 10pm on July 3rd to see it in action.

Opening hours: Conesus Lake is a year-round destination with many activities to enjoy.

Other things to know: The shoreline is mostly residential at the north of the lake, so head around the other edges of the shore for access and activities.

6. Honeoye Lake

1 hour 40 minutes from Buffalo (100 miles)

Why you should visit: The second smallest of the Finger Lakes, this pretty and shallow lake makes for a great place for swimming and fishing. There is plenty to keep you entertained on dry land too, including peaceful parks, a boardwalk and playgrounds for the little ones in your group.

Looking North on Honeoye Lake across the blue waters with a shady tree on the shoreline, Finger Lakes Region of New York
Head out on the shallow waters of Honeoye Lake for a spot of fishing, and try your luck at hooking an impressive catch of the day.
Narrow Window Photography/

Main activities you can do there:

  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Boating
  • Kayaking

How to get there: Head out along Interstate-190 (I-190) from Church Street, drive from I-90 to Avon, and then take exit 10 from I-390. After I-390 follow NY-5 and US-20, NY-15A then US-20A before arriving at Honeoye Lake.

Our highlights: Honeoye is a highly regarded fishing lake and a joy for any angling fans. Here you may catch a wide selection of fish including Bluegill, Chain Pickerel, Yellow Perch and Smallmouth Bass. The Honeoye Lake Boat Launch State Park is found to the south end of the lake.

Fishing also doesn't stop in winter, with ice fishing popular in the winter season when the lake freezes over.

Honeoye Lake is surrounded by lush woodlands to explore and hike through. The area between Honeoye and Canandaigua Lakes is known as Bristol Hills and is particularly good for exploring.

As Honeoye Lake is on the Atlantic flyway it enjoys an abundance of birds and wildlife. Ideal for wildlife watchers and bird spotters, you are likely to see anything from white-tail deer to deer, coyotes to beavers, when you venture to this beautiful lake.

Bonus: The name Honeoye is from the Seneca word "ha-ne-a-yah", which means lying finger, originating from a local story of a Native American who had his finger bitten by a rattlesnake and then cut it off with a tomahawk.

Opening hours: Open sunrise to sunset every day, although you can only use the boat launch from May to November.

Other things to know: As with most of the Finger Lakes, public access to the lake is limited by much of the shore is privately owned. There are no overnight lodging on the lake nor are there any boat tours.

7. Canandaigua Lake

1 hour 40 minutes from Buffalo (100 miles)

Why you should visit: Renowned as one of the cleanest lakes in New York State, and the largest glacial lake that makes up the Finger Lakes Region, it is ideal for lots of exploring and water fun. Spanning just over 15 miles long it is not only beautiful but packed with interesting history.

View of Canandaigua Lake with boat on the water in the forefront, taken from Canandaigua City Pier in New York
The calm waters at Canandaigua Lake are ideal for leisurely cruises or something more adventurous.
Ritu Manoj Jethani/

Main activities you can do there:

  • Boating
  • Canoeing
  • Hiking
  • Swimming

How to get there: Start out on Interstate-190 (I-190) from Church Street, before taking I-90 and leaving at exit 44. From here head along NY-332 south where you will shortly arrive at Canandaigua Lake.

Our highlights: Canandaigua Lake is perfect for plenty of water-based fun. You can bring your own watercraft or rent one from local marinas. The lake's calm waters provide an ideal environment for leisurely cruises or adventurous water activities.

Take out a kayak or canoe and you can explore more of Squaw Island, an 11,000-year-old to the north of Canandaigua Lake. One of the two known islands in the eleven Finger Lakes, it is steeped with Native American History and worth an exploration.

On the north shore of Canandaigua Lake, Kershaw Park is perfect for a swim, where afterward you can enjoy some rest and relaxation on the pretty beachfront.

If you choose to head away from the waterfront, then you are spoilt for choice with breweries to try out. If wine is more to your taste, then the Canandaigua Wine Trail Experience takes you to several wineries across the Finger Lakes region.

Bonus: The people of the Seneca tribe would burn tobacco around the lake to show thankfulness for a good harvest. This tradition is still observed where the locals light shoreline flares which are locally known as the Ring of Fire!

Opening hours: The lake is open from 6:00 am to sunset year-round.

Other things to know: The boat launch area, Canandaigua Lake State Marine Park, is open from May through mid-October.

8. Kinzua Dam

1 hour 50 minutes from Buffalo (100 miles)

Why you should visit: This impressive dam is on the Allegheny River in Warren County, Pennsylvania (with part of it located in Upstate New York), and is one of the largest dams in the USA. A must-see for those that love the outdoors, with the beautiful structure close by to many wonderful activities to enjoy.

View of gushing waters of Kinzua Dam, with woodlands surrounding the dams structure, New York
A visit to the impressive site of Kinzua Dam is bound to leave a lasting impression.
Zack Frank/

Main activities you can do there:

  • Hiking
  • Wildlife spotting
  • Picnicking

How to get there: Take US-219 south to Killbuck Road in Great Valley to Kill Buck, before heading along US-219 to PA-770 in Custer City. From here take PA-59 where you will then arrive at Kinzua Dam.

Our highlights: Head here over lunchtime and you can enjoy picnicking at local Kinzua Beach, the ideal spot to have lunch with a stunning view. Or head out on the water at Allegheny Reservoir close by, where the calm reservoir is ideal for paddleboarding or canoeing across.

If you're looking for things to do near Kinzua Dam, and an angling fan then Jakes Rocks can be found just a couple of miles away. This site is popular with fishermen with impressive views and interesting rock formations to enjoy.

Rimrock Overlook near Kinzua Dam, found in Allegheny National Forest, offers amazing trails to hike through. You can find the lookout close to Kinzua Dam and enjoy beautiful walkways.

Bonus: Having this dam in place has been thought to have prevented over $1 billion in flood damage.

Opening hours: Open to public access year-round.

Other things to know: The local Allegheny National Forest is also open year-round to enjoy.

9. Canadice Lake

2 hours 5 minutes from Buffalo (105 miles)

Why you should visit: Canadice Lake is the smallest of the Finger Lakes, the collection of eleven long, narrow, lakes found in New York. If you are looking for somewhere peaceful and undisturbed then this 649-acre site ticks the box, where you can wander beautiful woodland or relax on the water.

Autumn view of kayak on the shore of Canadice Lake, New York
To get the best views of Canadice Lake head out on a kayak or paddleboat to explore this little but mighty lake.
Richard A. McGuirk/

Main activities you can do there:

  • Canoe
  • Kayaking
  • Hiking
  • Watersports
  • Fishing

How to get there: Start out along Interstate-190 (I-190), before driving from I-90 to Avon, and then taking exit 10 from I-390. A short drive on NY-15A then leads you to Candice Haul Road and Canadice Lake.

Our highlights: Ideal for fishing as the area is so underdeveloped and unspoiled, you can expect to find bluegill, rock bass and lake trout. You can only fish on the lake and not from the shoreline, so take your boat and head out in the pretty, clear waters for a day of angling.

To check out the woodlands, visit the Candice Lake Walking Path. This is a popular trail, particularly for bird watchers who may spot a bald eagle. A great time to visit for the colors and flora is May to October.

To enjoy a full day here head out to the lake with a kayak or paddleboat, as the calm waters make for a great spot to bob around for an hour or two with exceptional shoreline views.

Bonus: The name originates from the Iroquois word ska-ne-a-dice, which means long lake. Canadice Lake itself is 3 miles long.

Opening hours: Open throughout the day, year-round.

Other things to know: No watercraft longer than 17 feet, or with 10-horsepower are allowed as this area does provide a water source for Rochester. For the same reason, you are also not allowed to swim here.

10. Seneca Lake

1 hour 50 minutes from Buffalo (110 miles)

Why you should visit: The deepest lake in New York, and the largest of all the Finger Lakes, is a must-visit with so much to explore.

Whether it be stunning waterfalls or sprawling woodlands, this stunning lake and surroundings are a popular stop off for outdoor fun and historical sightseeing.

Seneca Lakes beautiful lakeshore scenery, with a blue sky, and picturesque view from the iconic Pier House, New York
The gorgeous Seneca Lake is perfect for a paddle, head out from the iconic Pier House and enjoy a blissful afternoon on the water.

Main activities you can do there:

  • Kayaking
  • Paddleboarding
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Swimming

How to get there: Take NY-33 east from Buffalo then follow Interstate-90 (I-90) to NY-318 in Phelps, before taking exit 42 from I-90.

From here head along NY-14 S to Park Road in Fayette where you will arrive at Seneca Lake.

Our highlights: You'll want to dive right into this gorgeous lake, so make sure to rent a paddleboard, kayak, or canoe and go exploring. There are also guided tours available to take in all the beautiful natural surroundings.

A highlight of Seneca Lake is heading along the Seneca Lake Scenic Byway where you can enjoy some of the very best views of the lakes and surrounding vineyards. Take a hike beginning southeast of Seneca Lake, you end up at Lodi Point State Marine Park.

If you fancy something less strenuous then, as the area around Seneca Lake is ideal for vineyards to thrive, there are plenty to head out to for a taster! Seneca Lake Wine Trail tours will lead you to some of the best wines around which you can enjoy with stunning views.

Bonus: Seneca Lake has its own mythical creature known as the Seneca Lake Monster. A mix of serpent and dinosaur, it is said to live on the lake's bed.

Opening hours: Open year-round from sunrise to sunset

Other things to know: Head out in the evening and you can enjoy a dinner cruise around this beautiful lake.

11. Keuka Lake

2 hours 15 minutes from Buffalo (120 miles)

Why you should visit: The only ‘crooked lake' of the 11 Finger Lakes, Keuka Lake is best known for its outdoor recreation, historic wineries and interesting landmarks. You can be sure of a great visit here for the day, or ideally longer to be able to pack everything in.

Summer scene, with sunny and blue sky, along the harbor on Keuka Lake, with many luxury boats docked there.
You can be sure of a fun visit when you head to the popular and pretty Keuka Lake in the summer.

Main activities you can do there:

  • Hiking
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Watersports
  • Hiking
  • Swimming

How to get there: From Buffalo head along NY-400 before the US-20A traveling east to NY-36 in Leicester. Afterwards travel along Interstate-390 (I-390) to NY-54 via exit 38 from I-86 taking you towards your final destination at Keuka Lake.

Our highlights: Keuka Lake is a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts. The lake is home to a variety of fish species, including trout, bass, perch, and walleye. Cast your line from the shore, rent a boat, or join a fishing charter for an exciting angling experience.

For any hiking lovers head to Keuka Lake Outlet Trail which runs between Keuka Lake and Seneca Lake for 7 miles. This is a well-maintained walking trail, and you can park for free on either side of the walk. The stunning Seneca Mills Falls and Cascade Mills Falls can both be seen during this trip.

There are so many wonderful wineries to visit. Pleasant Valley Wine was the first to open in the Finger Lakes, where you can visit for a tipple and tour around their historic grounds and cellar.

Bonus: Keuka Lake has a distinctive Y-shaped flow, which makes it different to the other Finger Lakes.

Opening hours: Open all day, year-round

Other things to know: If you fancy jumping on the tour that takes you around Keuka Lake then make sure to book in advance. Many include a trip to a local winery, or two, alongside incredible lake views.

12. Waneta Lake

2 hours 15 minutes from Buffalo (120 miles)

Why you should visit: Waneta Lake is a small lake in the Finger Lakes region, previously known as ‘Little Lake'. Though small it packs a punch with the lake teeming with water activities to enjoy in this wildlife-rich and scenic setting.

Forested hill at edge of calm lake, leaves beginning to change in Autumn and reflection of trees and shadows in water. Waneta Lake, Catskills, New York State, USA
The breath-taking Waneta Lake is an amazing spot for all water activities, you couldn't wish for a better backdrop.
Andrea DiSavino/

Main activities you can do there:

  • Watersports
  • Bird watching
  • Wildlife spotting
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Swimming

How to get there: Take Interstate-190 (I-90) and NY-400 to NY-78, following US-20A east to NY-36 in Leicester. Take I-390 to NY-54, before taking exit 38 from I-8, where you then head along NY-54 before shortly after arriving at Waneta Lake.

Our highlights: A great spot for boating, head to the state boat launch at the south end of Waneta Lake to get going, where you can relax on the water or fish. It's great for anglers with well-sized largemouth bass and chain pickerel up for grabs.

There are also plenty of other water recreation areas to enjoy, where swimming, windsurfing, and canoeing are all on the agenda, while in the winter ice skating, ice sailing, and cross-country skiing can all be enjoyed.

The southern end is also classified as a wetland with the waters pretty shallow. Here you can expect to see plenty of wildlife action, with the site of bird migration very popular here. Head in spring or fall and you can see Canada geese, mallards or black ducks all moving on.

Bonus: Although found in the Finger Lakes region it is not considered an actual Finger Lake, but rather an ‘outlier' as it has a slightly more separate location.

Opening hours: Open year-round.

Other things to know: Like most of the lakes the shoreline is mostly privately owned, so the best access to the lake is from the south boat launch or if you are renting one of the cottages around the shoreline for the weekend.

13. Cayuga Lake

2 hours 10 minutes from Buffalo (135 miles)

Why you should visit: The longest and second deepest of the Finger Lakes, this special lake is treasured locally, and is the ideal calm spot to enjoy some fishing, kayaking or canoeing.

Scenic driving alongside autumnal lakeshore scenery overlooking Cayuga Lake, New York
As you head towards Cayuga Lake you can enjoy the most scenic views, a taste of things to come for when you arrive at this beloved lake.

Main activities you can do there:

  • Kayaking
  • Boating
  • Swimming
  • Wildlife spotting

How to get there: From Buffalo get on Interstate-190 (I-190) from Church Street, then head along I-90 to NY-318 E in Phelps. Take exit 42 from I-90. From here follow NY-14, NY-96A and NY-96 to Cove Lane and you will arrive at Cayuga Lake.

Our highlights: This super scenic lake has plenty going on. Make sure to try out the Cayuga Lake Scenic Byway Birding Trail, which is a must for any bird watcher. There is a great diversity of migrating birds which will keep even the keenest twitchers entertained.

There are plenty of other state parks on Cayuga Lake, such as Allan H. Treman State Marine Park full of peaceful hiking trails. Or head along to Taughannock Falls State Park where you can swim in the pretty waters.

Fancy taking a break? Then visit the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail, the first wine trail in the USA, where you can enjoy first-class wines and winding pathways.

Bonus: This impressive lake is over 40 miles in length, so ideal for canoeing and kayaking for unbelievable shoreline views.

Opening hours: Open year-round, from dawn to dusk.

Other things to know: If you decide to visit one of the state parks such as Cayuga Lake State Park or Taughannock Falls State Park then it typically costs about $7 per car for entry.

14. Owasco Lake

2 hours 10 minutes from Buffalo (135 miles)

Why you should visit: Known as ‘The Crossing Point' or ‘Floating Bridge' this very pretty, petit and shallow lake, is ideal for swimming in the summer with its warm waters and scenic farmland views, fishing in the pristine lake, or heading in for a dip.

There is something for everyone planning a day trip or longer vacation.

A beautiful aerial shot of the lake with the expansive lake waters in the forefront, Lake Owasco, New York
Float out onto the warm waters of Owasco Lake, where you can while away an afternoon swimming and boating here.
Wirestock Creators/

Main activities you can do there:

  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Water skiing

How to get there: Firstly, head along Interstate-190 (I-190) from Church Street, then follow I-90 east to NY-414, taking exit 41 from I-90. From here take NY-318 and US-20 to NY-38 before arriving at Owasso Lake.

Our highlights: Ideal for anglers, there are a couple of boat launches at both Emerson Park and Owasco Flats, so head to these and your catch of the day might include northern pike and smallmouth bass.

Before heading onto the water spend some time at Emerson Park, where you can enjoy the beaches, playgrounds and parklands. The Merry-Go-Round Playhouse is a top attraction here, with Broadway musicals on stage from May to October.

For something more energetic, Fillmore Glen State Park is at the south end of Moravia and is a hiker's delight. There are plenty of unusual rock formations and waterfalls, a very scenic stop off to stretch your legs.

Bonus: Owasco Lake provides water to over 70% of Cayuga County.

Opening hours: The lake is open all day, all year round.

Other things to know: If you are heading here for fishing, then May, June and September are particularly good times to catch trout and bass.

15. Skaneateles Lake

2 hours 15 minutes from Buffalo (135 miles)

Why you should visit: Thought of as the cleanest lake in New York, the blue waters and interesting surroundings make this a must-visit stop for a lakeside trip.

Panoramic view of the pier, boats and lakeshore scenery in the Skaneateles Lake, New York
If you are looking for a lake which has top swimming and sunbathing spots then a visit to Skaneateles Lake is a must.

Main activities you can do there:

  • Kayaking
  • Hiking
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Swimming

How to get there: Make your way onto NY-33, then head along Interstate-90 to NY-414 in Tyre. Take exit 41 from I-90 before driving to US-20 East, where you will shortly arrive at Skaneateles Lake.

Our highlights: The blue waters provide the ideal place to take a dip. Parks including Clift Park and the Skaneateles Country Club have access to swimming and sunbathing spots.

Surrounding Skaneateles Lake are several hiking trails where you can explore the natural beauty of this area. Skaneateles Conservation Area and Baltimore Woods Nature Center offer trails, with the latter spanning over 180 acres of woodland to explore.

At the south end of Skaneateles Lake, you can find the hidden gem Staghorn Cliffs. The beautiful views are dreamy as well as interesting, with important paleontological finds made here. You can only access this from the water which makes it extra special.

Bonus: The clear and clean waters of Skaneateles Lake enable it to be one of six unfiltered water sources in America.

Opening hours: The lake is open all day, every day.

Other things to know: There are a number of dining options around the lake, however, to get the best views, bring a picnic hamper and settle along the shoreline for a lunch stop in this beautiful setting.

16. Green Lakes State Park

2 hours 30 minutes from Buffalo (160 miles)

Why you should visit: Green Lakes State Park is a stunning natural habitat brimming with lakes, including Green Lake and Round Lake, wildlife-rich woodlands, and plenty of spots for fun and exploration.

Close up of blue waters and lush woodlands surrounding Green Lakes State Park, New York
Stop off at Green Lakes State Park and you'll be spoilt for choice either spending time on the water or exploring the lush woodlands surrounding the lake.
Jeffrey M. Frank/

Main activities you can do there:

  • Boating
  • Picnicking
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Camping

How to get there: From Buffalo head out on Interstate-190 (I-190) from Church Street. Keep following before taking exit 16S-N-17 from I-690, and then NY-290 to Park Drive in Manlius.

Our highlights: Green Lakes State Park is beautiful, teeming with places to hike and explore. At Green Lake, you can take the popular 5-mile loop trail with amazing lake views which are well-mapped out.

Both Green Lake and Round Lake also have opportunities to hike to the summit of Bald Hill, where you might be able to spot bald eagles or great blue herons.

A popular swimming spot, well-equipped for a day of swimming and sunbathing. You can also head out onto the water here and hire canoes or kayaks. Pack lunch too and take advantage of the picnic spots throughout the lakefront.

If you fancy extending your trip then pitch a tent, enjoy a campfire and star gaze. There are plenty of spots for tents and RVs to make the most of.

Bonus: Green Lakes State Park has two meromictic lakes, known as Green Lake and Round Lake. Meromictic lakes are rare and unusual as their layers of water do not mix seasonally like in most lakes.

Opening hours: Green Lakes State Park is open year-round, although the beach areas are open from Memorial Day to Labor Day when lifeguards are on duty.

Other things to know: If you intend to fish then licenses are needed and there are set areas for shore fishing and boat fishing.

17. Oneida Lake

2 hours 30 minutes from Buffalo (165 miles)

Why you should visit: The largest lake located entirely in New York state, it spans around 80 square miles. As well as a beautiful lakefront, there are plenty of entertainment spots to enjoy surrounding the lake for a full day or long weekend of fun.

The aerial view of the waterfront homes by Oneida Lake with stunning fall foliage
There is so much to do at this huge lake. Any angling fans are sure to have a successful trip with the waters brimming with fish, and incredible views.
Khairil Azhar Junos/

Main activities you can do there:

  • Fishing
  • Watersports
  • Boating
  • Hiking

How to get there: Head along Interstate-190 (I-190) from Church Street, following I-90 to DeWitt. Take exit 7 from I-481 then continue on NY-298, where you will shortly arrive at Oneida Lake.

Our highlights: Oneida Lake is home to six islands and whilst most are private you can make a boat visit to Frenchman Island State Park. Legends say a French family moved here to avoid disapproving family, but it is now abandoned and great for a wander, particularly with 28 acres of woodland surrounding it.

Oneida Lake is a large and popular body of water and you can enjoy some of the best fishing here too. Top anglers head here to catch the large northern pike or more novice fishermen will enjoy casting out on the boat with the pretty scenery.

Away from the shoreline and close by is Sylvan Beach Amusement Park, where you can be entertained for hours. Throughout the year there are special events held such as music events and ghost tours, so make sure to visit their events page when you visit.

Bonus: In the middle of Oneida Lake there is an uninhabited island known as Frenchman's Island, which you can arrive at only by boat, and explore the somewhat eerie derelict buildings

Opening hours: Open all day, year-round

Other things to know: Oneida Lake is also open for fishing year-round. However, different fish can be found at different times of year, so visit more than once for variety!

18. Great Sacandaga Lake

4 hours 20 minutes from Buffalo (270 miles)

Why you should visit: Tucked away at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, this 29-mile-long reservoir has a stunning backdrop to enjoy the copious amount of water entertainment including boating, fishing and swimming.

Wide lens view of Great Sacandaga Lake nestled within the Adirondack State Park and looking toward Batchellerville Bridge
There is so much to admire at this beautiful reservoir nestled within the Adirondack Mountains.
Brenda L Kambeitz/

Main activities you can do there:

  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Swimming
  • Watersports
  • Camping

How to get there: From Buffalo head out onto Interstate-190 (I-190), before heading along I-90. Take Old Johnstown Road before NY-29 east, weaving towards the end destination Great Sacandaga Lake.

Our highlights: During the warmer months use the public boat launches to enjoy plenty of water fun such as boating and fishing. Once you've had your fill then head back to the shoreline to enjoy relaxing on some of the 125-mile coastline.

Even in the colder weather, the lake is the place to be as much of the lake freezes over. Snowmobilers can enjoy the ice, or how about trying out one of the ice fishing events and tournaments?

With so much to do at this lakefront, it is a popular weekend spot. Sacandaga Lake has many RV sites, camping spots and cabins to choose from that you can enjoy for a long weekend.

Bonus: In the 1960s the lake, which was then known as Sacandaga Reservoir, had a name change to Great Sacandaga Lake to help boost tourism.

Opening hours: Great Sacandaga Lake is open year-round.

Other things to know: Although the lake is always open, access to the beach fronts is typically only in the summer months, from 10am to 8pm, with camping options only during the summer months also.

19. Saratoga Lake

4 hours 35 minutes from Buffalo (285 miles)

Why you should visit: There is so much fun to have at Saratoga Lake! There are a few spots around the park for boat launching, with places to rent boats and paddleboard across the shoreline.

This pretty lake is 4.5 miles long and 1.5 miles wide and is a top destination for those that love the great outdoors and watersports.

Blue sky, calm waters and greenery along the shoreline at Saratoga Lake, with small kayak shack in the background
Explore the scenery surrounding Saratoga Lake and get the best views by taking to the water and paddling across this pretty lake.
James Casil/

Main activities you can do there:

  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Swimming
  • Watersports

How to get there: Firstly, head along Interstate-190 (I-190), follow I-90 to NY-30 N in Amsterdam. Take exit 27 from I-90. Follow NY-67, and then you will shortly after arriving at Saratoga Lake.

Our highlights: Saratoga Lake can be found in southern Saratoga Springs, where this scenic spot paves the way for a host of fun activities to take part in on and off the water.

If you fancy something a bit different then water adventures like wakeboarding and hydro flying can be enjoyed, or head to Brown's Beach for some swimming or canoeing action.

While you are visiting also take advantage of one of the many picnic spots, or how about visiting a restaurant along the edge of the shoreline, for a great meal with a view.

Even in the wintertime, Saratoga Lake has something special to offer, where you can take part in ice fishing and snowmobiling. The lake feels really special during the winter, so don't be put off by the colder climate.

Bonus: Saratoga Lake is thought to have got its' name from the local word Se-rach-ta-gue, which means ‘hillside country of the great river'.

Opening hours: The lake is open year-round, although Browns Beach is open from the end of May until Labor Day Weekend, from 1:00am to 7:00pm.

Other things to know: There is a small charge to use the beach, with those 12+ $5 or aged 5-11 $3, in cash.

Much of the lake's shoreline is privately owned, so if you are taking out a boat then head to the state boat launch at the northern end to head onto the water.

20. Schroon Lake

5 hours 15 minutes from Buffalo (305 miles)

Why you should visit: This 9-mile-long lake is a hidden gem nestled within Adirondack Park and north of Lake George. This pretty lake offers plenty to keep you occupied all day, with a cultural town nearby to explore as well.

Boater passing across Schroon Lake with autumnal colors across the surrounding woodlands, New York
Join one of the many boaters that head out on this hidden gem of a lake, surrounded by incredible woodland and trails to explore afterwards.
Jeff Hollis/

Main activities you can do there:

  • Watersports
  • Waterskiing
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Swimming

How to get there: Head out on Interstate-190 (I-190), before heading to the I-90 to NY-365. After you reach Hinckley take NY-8 north before taking US-9 to Schroon Lake.

Our highlights: You can't visit Schroon Lake without taking part in the exciting water activities on offer including parasailing, waterskiing, or boating. This lake is renowned as an energetic and lively place to visit, so arrive and get out on the water for a day of fun.

The sandy public beaches here make it ideal for taking a dip and a dive and then enjoying rest and relaxation. Along the shoreline, you can take advantage of the concessions and playgrounds too, so fun for all the family to while away a day.

Make sure to head into the little town where you will find great places to eat and coffee shops. Fancy a cultural stop off? Then visit the memorial to all Schroon Lake Veterans dating back to the American Revolutionary War. You can get an insight into the history of the area with the beautiful lake in view.

Bonus: Known for its "floating island," this lake natural phenomenon occurs when a large mass of vegetation detaches from the lake's bottom and floats freely on the surface.

Opening hours: A great destination to head to year-round, with a full calendar of different events happening throughout the year.

Other things to know: Dogs are very welcome at the lake, even with a separate area on the beach for them to enjoy a paddle in the clear waters.

21. Lake George

4 hours 50 minutes from Buffalo (310 miles)

Why you should visit: Lake George is a great option for a lake visit, absolutely packed with things to do throughout the year, with plenty of thrill-seeking activities or fun for the whole family.

With beautiful blue waters and a backdrop of the Adirondack Mountains, it is a stunning spot to make a visit.

Panoramic view of Sleeping Beauty Mountain in the background, with Lake George and autumnal foliage across Adirondacks, Upstate New York
Discover the wilderness away from the Lake George shoreline with a hike to the super scenic Sleeping Beauty Mountain.
James Casil/

Main activities you can do there:

  • Watersports
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Boating

How to get there: From Buffalo head along Interstate-190 (I-190) to NY-30 and exit 27 from I-90. Get on I-87 in Malta from NY-67, following I-87 to NY-9N and State Highway 9N in Lake George, where you will arrive at the lake itself shortly after.

Our highlights: Take a dip in the refreshing waters of Lake George, across three great beaches, which is a must-visit for any water lovers!

For outdoor lovers Lake George has plenty of hiking trails with one of the most popular hikes heading up Sleeping Beauty Mountain. These wildlife-rich walks are super scenic and for all different abilities. If you are looking for something a little harder, you can climb to the summit of the higher Adirondacks.

If you fancy extending your trip then Lake George is unusual as it has lots of islands that you can camp at for the night or head to for a day of exploring.

Bonus: Thomas Jefferson famously visited in 1791 and said ‘Lake George is without comparison, the most beautiful water I ever saw; formed by a contour of mountains into a basin... finely interspersed with islands, its water limpid as crystal, and the mountain sides covered with rich groves.

Opening hours: Open all year and throughout the day

Other things to know: The majority of activities, eateries and entertainment also available year-round.

22. Lake Minnewaska

5 hours 15 minutes from Buffalo (310 miles)

Why you should visit: Just 2 hours from New York City, Lake Minnewaska is in the heart of Minnewaska State Park Reserve and ideal for those looking for a very scenic stop off, brimming with things to do, and incredible scenery, enjoyed over 2,000 feet above sea level.

Close up view of waterfall and rocky landscape in Lake Minnewaska State Park, New York
There are plenty of beautiful, natural stop offs at Lake Minnewaska to surprise and delight as you ramble across the surrounds of the lake.
Stef Ko/

Main activities you can do there:

  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Boating
  • Swimming
  • Fishing

How to get there: Firstly, head along Interstate-190 (I-190), taking NY-400 to NY-78 S/US-20A in Aurora, before reaching I-390. From here take I-86 east to NY-17 in Windsor, before reaching Rochester and arriving at Lake Minnewaska.

Our highlights: The main attraction is the lake, with the breathtaking views. There are many trails around the forests along the coastline, which you can hike to get the best views. How about heading out on your bike to explore more of the area?

One amazing trail here is in the Preserve, where you can admire the beauty of the Awosting Falls. This impressive waterfall drops 60 feet into a pool.

The best way to see the water is on the water so take out on a kayak or canoe for some of the best views. You can also swim in the calm waters, so make sure to take your swimmers too.

Bonus: Lake Minnewaska is one of five ‘sky lakes' along the Shawangunk Ridge, which is called this due to its height above sea level.

Opening hours: Minnewaska State Park Preserve is open 9:00am to 9:00pm, and last entry 8:30pm.

Other things to know: To swim in Lake Minnewaska, you need to head there between 11:45am to 6:45pm.

23. Saranac Lake

5 hours 30 minutes from Buffalo (335 miles)

Why you should visit: Found nestled within mountains and lakes of the Adirondacks, this really is an area of discovery, with plenty of places to hike and paddle surrounded by incredible scenery.

Colored cabins reflected in the water at morning sunshine along the coastline of Saranac Lake in upstate New York
Take a trip out onto the peaceful waters of Saranac Lake before heading downtown to wander the pretty shops and galleries.
Rebecca Lambertsen/

Main activities you can do there:

  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Boating

How to get there: From Buffalo head along Interstate-190 (I-190), and then I-81 to US-11 north, before taking exit 4 from I-781. Afterwards take State Route 3 east to Church Street before arriving at Saranac Lake.

Our highlights: Saranac Lakes is ideal for exploring by water. Start out at the center of downtown Saranac Lake, Lake Flower, and from here you can travel 24 miles of waterways. Take lunch and you can enjoy a scenic and peaceful day out on the water.

Saranac Lake is home to a wide variety of year-round bird species, and you can enjoy watching the local birds and migrations throughout the year. Be sure to take your binoculars and you can spot boreal species and winter finches.

There is also a rich history here where 150 years ago Saranac Lake was a haven for a highly contagious disease. Head to the Saranac Laboratory Museum, operated by Historic Saranac Lake, to learn more about what happened.

After a day exploring the waters visit downtown Saranac Lakes and take in all the eateries, galleries, and shops. The area is packed with culture and fun places, so you can really make a weekend of it.

Bonus: Saranac Lakes is created from three connected lakes, Upper Saranac Lake, Middle Saranac Lake (also known as Round Lake), and Lower Saranac Lake, with two-thirds of the shore state-owned.

Opening hours: Open year-round

Other things to know: Head here in winter and you can enjoy Saranac Lake Winter Carnival, an annual event. The Ice Palace is the centerpiece of the 10-day-long event and carved from ice found on the frozen lake.

24. Ashokan Reservoir

5 hours 10 minutes from Buffalo (345 miles)

Why you should visit: Found 14 miles west of the City of Kingston in Ulster County, this beautiful reservoir is surrounded by the equally beautiful Catskill Mountains, ideal for walkers, hikers, and bikers to enjoy the peaceful scenery.

 A beautiful early fall day with bright blue sky along the shoreline of the Ashokan Reservoir in upstate New York, with with the Catskill Mountains in the background.
Enjoy walking around the stunning shoreline of Ashokan Reservoir. Arrive as the sun is rising and you can be sure you will take plenty of insta-worthy snaps of the view.
Liz Van Steenburgh/

Main activities you can do there:

  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Wildlife spotting
  • Bird watching

How to get there: Take Intersatte-190 from Church Street Buffalo, before taking I-90 east to NY-32 in Saugerties. Take exit 20 from I-87, taking NY-212 to NY-28 in Hurley and arriving at Ashokan Reservoir.

Our highlights: There are miles of paved walkways alongside one of the largest reservoirs in New York which you can enjoy walking round with amazing views of the waterfront. The Ashokan Rail Trail and Woodstock Dike Trailhead are also popular paths to take.

Ashokan Reservoir provides excellent opportunities for photography enthusiasts. The changing seasons, reflections on the water, and the surrounding natural beauty are stunning, with sunrise and sunset particularly pretty.

Ashokan Reservoir provides a tranquil and peaceful environment. Whether you're looking for a quiet spot for contemplation or a peaceful picnic by the water, Ashokan Reservoir offers a serene getaway.

Bonus: Ashokan Reservoir was built in the early 20th century as part of the NYC water supply, making it a historical and engineering marvel.

Opening hours: Open all day and year-round

Other things to know: Spring and fall are ideal times to visit this reservoir, where the pretty foliage and changing leaves make a beautiful backdrop to the water, plus they are also quieter seasons, allowing for a more tranquil experience amidst nature's colorful spectacle.

25. Lake Placid and Mirror Lake

5 hours 55 minutes from Buffalo (350 miles)

Why you should visit: Lake Placid and Mirror Lake can be found in the heart of the Adirondacks and are known for their outdoor activities and fun on the water.

View across Mirror Lake, with blue skies and mountain backdrop, and lush green parkland surrounding the shoreline, Upstate New York
The beautiful scenery surrounding Mirror Lake makes this area extra special. Find a relaxing spot and while away an afternoon enjoying the view.

Main activities you can do there:

  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Watersports

How to get there: Take Interstate-190 (I-190) from Buffalo, before taking I-90 and I-81 N to US-11. Head off at exit 4 from I-781, before taking State Route 3 to Blodgett Road in North Elba where you will arrive at Lake Placid. Mirror Lake is a short 12-minute drive from Lake Placid.

Our highlights: Located right off downtown Lake Placid, the Lake Placid Public Beach is a lovely relaxing spot found at the south end of Mirror Lake. You can wander the sandy beach or visit the launch site for canoes or kayaks if you fancy something more energetic.

Above water, Experience Outdoors offers a two-hour zip-line where you really can get the best views. Found on Scott's Cobble Mountain, this is an ideal activity for couples, families, and groups of friends, where you can really get that pulse racing!

At Mirror Lake, in the center of Lake Placid, take a hike across this scenic loop where you can bird-watch and enjoy the impressive view. If you fancy a bit of pace, it's also a great spot for mountain biking.

If you head here in the summer, then a free weekly concert called Songs at Mirror Lake can be enjoyed. Head to Mid's Park to enjoy it, either on the shoreline or from the water via kayak or canoe!

Bonus: Lake Placid is that it is the only place in the United States to have hosted the Winter Olympics twice.

Opening hours: Open all day, year-round

Other things to know: Every July, the Lake Placid Public Beach holds Fourth of July fireworks and you can enjoy watching the Ironman Lake Placid triathlon.

26. Lake Champlain

6 hours and 5 minutes from Buffalo (370 miles)

Why you should visit: This freshwater lake is stunning, with the beautiful waters lending themselves to plenty of fun and activities surrounded by a beautiful setting.

Wide view of Lake Champlain with speedboats and sailboats darting across the water. Forests surround the lake. New York
Take a day trip on the waters of Lake Champlain and you can enjoy the jaw-dropping landscape, with mountains and woodlands surrounding this beautiful waterfront.
debra millet/

Main activities you can do there:

  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Watersports
  • Birdwatching

How to get there: Firstly, head along Interstate-190 (I-190), then along NY-365. Take I-87 from NY-365 and NY-8, before taking exit 35 from I-87 and continuing along NY-442, where shortly after you will arrive at Lake Champlain.

Our highlights: Lake Champlain, the Adirondacks' largest lake, is surrounded by mountains and lush fields – a stunning backdrop when you take to the water. As well as kayaking or canoeing from one of the public boat launches you can also jump on a scenic boat tour.

If you are an adrenaline junkie, then take to rock climbing. Surrounded by the Adirondack Mountains of New York and the Green Mountains of Vermont there are lots of spots to take part on a guided excursion. The area offers over 3,700 acres of forest and miles of hiking trails to explore, full of wildlife and rocks to climb.

The Lake Champlain Region has plenty of sandy public beaches around the lake, where you can sit back and sunbathe or take a dip in the clear waters.

Bonus: Lake Champlain is significant in history, and was used as a transportation route for Native American tribes, French and British explorers, and American settlers.

Opening hours: Open all day, and year-round.

Other things to know: Fall is a breathtaking time to visit Lake Champlain due to the vibrant foliage. The surrounding forests and mountains showcase a stunning display of autumn colors, making this a beautiful spot for hiking, biking, and scenic drives.

It can also be less crowded as you explore the stunning lake and surroundings.

Distances from major cities in Upstate New York to our favorite lakes in the state
Lake ErieN/A1 hour 35 minutes2 hours 40 minutes4 hours 40 minutes
Silver Lake1 hour 10 minutes55 minutes2 hours4 hours
Chautauqua Lake1 hour 20 minutes2 hours 20 minutes3 hours 25 minutes5 hours 30 minutes
Lake Ontario50 minutesN/A2 hours 30 minutes4 hours 30 minutes
Conesus Lake1 hour 30 minutes40 minutes1 hour 40 minutes3 hours 40 minutes
Honeoye Lake1 hour 40 minutes45 minutes1 hour 30 minutes3 hours 30 minutes
Canandaigua Lake1 hour 40 minutes40 minutes1 hour 25 minutes3 hours 30 minutes
Kinzua Dam1 hour 30 minutes2 hours 30 minutes3 hours 30 minutes5 hours 10 minutes
Canadice Lake2 hours1 hour 10 minutes2 hours 5 minutes4 hours
Seneca Lake2 hours1 hour 10 minutes1 hour 15 minutes3 hours 10 minutes
Keuka Lake2 hours 15 minutes1 hour 20 minutes1 hour 30 minutes3 hours 30 minutes
Waneta Lake2 hours 15 minutes1 hour 20 minutes1 hour 40 minutes3 hours 30 minutes
Cayuga Lake2 hours 15 minutes1 hour 15 minutes1 hour 20 minutes3 hours 30 minutes
Owasco Lake2 hours 10 minutes1 hour 10 minutes40 minutes2 hours 50 minutes
Skaneateles Lake2 hours 15 minutes1 hour 20 minutes30 minutes2 hours 30 minutes
Green Lakes State Park2 hours 30 minutes1 hour 30 minutes15 minutes2 hours 10 minutes
Oneida Lake2 hours 40 minutes1 hour 40 minutes30 minutes2 hours 10 minutes
Great Sacandaga Lake4 hours 15 minutes3 hours 20 minutes2 hours 10 minutes55 minutes
Saratoga Lake4 hours 30 minutes3 hours 40 minutes2 hours 20 minutes35 minutes
Schroon Lake5 hours 10 minutes4 hours 15 minutes3 hours1 hour 25 minutes
Lake George4 hours 50 minutes4 hours2 hours 40 minutes1 hour
Lake Minnewaska5 hours 20 minutes4 hours 25 minutes3 hours 10 minutes1 hour 20 minutes
Saranac Lake5 hours 30 minutes4 hours 40 minutes3 hours 20 minutes2 hours 30 minutes
Ashokan Reservoir5 hours 10 minutes4 hours 15 minutes3 hours1 hour
Lake Placid and Mirror Lake5 hours 50 minutes4 hours 50 minutes3 hours 40 minutes2 hours 20 minutes
Lake Champlain6 hours 10 minutes5 hours 10 minutes4 hours2 hours 20 minutes