Yankee Stadium Sign, New York

Yankee Stadium

Published by Pat Dorri on February 8 2024

Iconic Sports Venue and Cultural Landmark in the Bronx.

Address: 1 E 161 St, The Bronx, NY 10451, United States

Aerial view of Yankee Stadium, New York
Learn more about this iconic landmark during a tour.
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💲 Tour prices start from $25

👩‍🦽 Wheelchair accessible

🍽️ Various dining options (open during game days and events)

🚽 Public Restrooms

Where can I find Yankee Stadium?

Yankee Stadium, the home of the New York Yankees, is located in the Bronx. It's a significant landmark not just for sports fans but for anyone interested in American culture and history.

Why should I visit Yankee Stadium?

Yankee Stadium isn't just for baseball games. It hosts a variety of events, including concerts and football games, and offers tours that provide a behind-the-scenes look at the venue.

It's a place where you can experience the excitement and history of one of the most famous sports teams in the world, and is easily recognizable and a symbol of New York's rich sports heritage.

What are the opening hours at Yankee Stadium?

General opening hours

The hours vary based on game schedules and events.

⏲️ Tours typically run from 11am to 1:40pm.

⏲️ Games are usually 1.05pm or 4:05 pm.

⏲️ Night games will start at about 7:05 pm.

Closures and holidays

Yankee Stadium is open every day of the year, but the schedule may vary.

It's best to check the official website for the most up-to-date information.

Mariano Rivera, New York Yankees Player, pitching
The players show some impressive skills.
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Where should I park when visiting Yankee Stadium?

Parking garages are available around Yankee Stadium, and several lots are dedicated to game day parking. It's advisable to book in advance on game days.

Is Yankee Stadium accessible by public transportation?

Yankee Stadium is well-connected by subway (B, D, and 4 lines stop at 161 St-Yankee Stadium) and bus services. The Metro-North Railroad also has a stop at Yankee Stadium.

When is the best time to visit Yankee Stadium?

For a game, arrive early to experience the pre-game atmosphere. Gates open 2 hours before.

Off-season tours are available for a more in-depth visit without the game day crowds.

What are the best things to see near Yankee Stadium?

Within a short distance of Yankee Stadium there are other great sites to visit close to the Bronx. Here are some favorites.

  • The Bronx Museum of the Arts - Offers contemporary art exhibitions and is located nearby.
  • Harlem - Known for its rich African American cultural heritage, is a short subway ride away.
  • The New York Botanical Garden - A beautiful and expansive garden located in the Bronx.
Harlem Street Art
Colourful Harlem is only a short subway ride away.
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Common questions about Yankee Stadium

A visit to Yankee Stadium promises more than just a baseball game, with a rich history and interesting tours around this iconic ground. Here is what else you can expect during a visit.

Is Yankee Stadium accessible to those with lower mobility?

✔️ Yes, Yankee Stadium offers wheelchair-accessible seating and facilities.

Is Yankee Stadium free to enter?

✔️ Yes, Yankee Stadium is free to enter on non-game days, however a tour starts from $25 and game prices differ.

Is Yankee Stadium pet-friendly?

❌ Pets are not allowed on Yankee Stadium unless they are service animals.

Is Yankee Stadium child-friendly?

✔️ Yes, Yankee Stadium offers a great experience for children, especially on game days.

Is Yankee Stadium a year-round attraction?

✔️ Yes, Yankee Stadium hosts various events throughout the year.

Are refreshments available at Yankee Stadium?

✔️ Yes, at Yankee Stadium there is a wide range of food and beverage options available on game days and during events.

Are there restrooms at Yankee Stadium?

✔️ Yes, there are public restrooms available on throughout Yankee Stadium.

What else is useful to know before I visit Yankee Stadium?

The security at the stadium is strict, so it's advisable to arrive early and travel light.

There are guided tours available, which include visits to the New York Yankees Museum, Monument Park, and the dugout.

Retired numbers and plaques at Monument Park in Yankee Stadium
Make sure to take one of the interesting guided tours around this famous sporting landmark.

Where to stay near Yankee Stadium

There are plenty of great hotel options in Upper East Side once you have enjoyed a game at Yankee Stadium, whatever your budget.