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Road Trip from Miami to Los Angeles

By Pat Dorri | Updated on 14 July 2022

The journey from Miami to Los Angeles really is an ultimate all-American road trip adventure, taking you from the blue waters of the East Coast to the breezy beaches of the West Coast through some of the country's most fascinating landscapes and vibrant cities.

The 3,350-mile road trip from Miami to Los Angeles takes you past Orlando, Savannah, Memphis, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and Death Valley National Park, or strike out along the Gulf coast to visit Destin, New Orleans, Austin, Tucson and San Diego.

This is the kind of road trip you've probably seen in the movies, packed with interesting sights, desert drives and stunning coasts. Read on to get a step closer to bringing this unforgettable adventure to life.

How far is Los Angeles from Miami, and how long will the road trip take?

Comparison of road trip routes between Miami and Los Angeles
Route Distance Driving Time
The Northern Route 3,350 miles 52 hours
The Southern Route 3,130 miles 48 hours

Whichever route you take between Miami and Los Angeles, there's no avoiding the fact that you'll be covering a lot of miles and spending many hours on the road.

If you want to take your time and cram in as many cities and sights as possible, then the longer Northern Route is a great option. You'll clock up a massive 3,350 miles if you take this route across the country and should expect to spend at least 52 hours on the road.

The more direct Southern Route takes around 48 hours of driving and is slightly shorter, at 3,130 miles. It's pretty simple to navigate, following interstates almost the entire way through, making this a straightforward driving experience.

Best road trip route from Miami to Los Angeles

With so much to see along the way, there's no 'best' route to take on this road trip. You'll have an unforgettable adventure whichever route you take.

That said, we've come up with two fantastic route options for you that will show you some of the highlights, leaving plenty of time to explore the small towns and stunning landscapes you'll pass by in between.

The Northern Route swings out along the Georgia Coast, taking you as far as Savannah before you turn inland to begin the great east-to-west drive through Orlando, Atlanta, Memphis and Albuquerque as well as the Grand Canyon and Death Valley.

This route offers you a great combination of Southern hospitality and natural monuments, plus plenty of iconic cross-country driving.

The highlight of the more direct Southern Route is that the route follows close to the Gulf Coast. You'll enjoy ocean views, time in New Orleans, and have the chance to make beach detours as you travel west through the iconic cities of the southern border.

Don't worry about missing out on some of those epic desert drives though. As this route heads up across New Mexico and Arizona you'll enjoy mile after mile of wide-open landscapes and rugged scenery before hitting the sparkling California coast.

How to drive from Miami to Los Angeles

The map above shows our suggestions for the best road trip routes between Miami and Los Angeles. Keep reading for detailed descriptions of both routes, where to stay on either, and the best things to do on the way.

The Northern Route