View of Bridalveil Fall with forests in the foreground, and blue skies overhead

Bridalveil Falls Hike

Updated by Dianne Titos on December 7 2023

The Bridalveil Fall Trail allows you the chance to see the amazing falls in all seasons given this very accessible trail is open year-round. It is an ideal choice for those seeking a quick yet rewarding encounter with one of Yosemite's iconic natural features.

An overview of the distance and difficulty hiking Bridalveil Falls Hike
πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ Distance0.5 miles
⏱️ Time15 minutes
πŸ’ͺ DifficultyEasy
πŸ”οΈ Elevation Gain115 feet

Where can I find Bridalveil Falls Hike within Yosemite National Park?

Found within Yosemite Valley, the popular Bridalveil Falls Hike is closest to Arch Rock Entrance. From here, take El Portal Road until it joins Southside Drive, before joining up with Wawona Road. After here you'll see the well-signposted parking area.

It's also easy to reach Bridalveil Falls Trail if you're coming from the south of Yosemite. Follow Wawona Road all the way and you'll find the trailhead a short distance after Tunnel View.

What makes this hike so special?

This short round trip takes you to stunning Bridalveil Falls, one of the highlights of Yosemite National Park. For most visitors, it's the first chance to see one of Yosemite's many spectacular waterfalls, so it makes a great stop as you enter Yosemite Valley.

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How we rate the different aspects of Bridalveil Falls Hike
Natural beauty and scenery⭐⭐⭐⭐
Wildlife spotting⭐⭐⭐
Peace and quiet⭐⭐
Crashing waters falling from Bridalveil Falls surrounded by lush green forest and blue skies
Marvel at the impressive Bridalveil Falls as you make your way along this easy, yet rewarding, trail.
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What are the highlights of hiking Bridalveil Falls Hike?

The Bridalveil Falls Hike in Yosemite offers an easy and quick escape into nature, leading to an up-close view of the 620-foot waterfall that is a hallmark of the valley.

  1. Bridalveil Falls - Often the first waterfall seen when entering Yosemite Valley, this stunning fall thunders in spring and early summer with a light, swaying flow the rest of the year
  2. Bridalveil Creek - Choose to extend the trail and you witness the serene flow of the creek itself, and is a picturesque prelude to the dramatic Bridalveil Fall further along the trail.

When is the best time of year to visit Bridalveil Falls Hike?

The best time to visit Bridalveil Falls for the most dramatic views is during the spring and early summer, when the water flow is at its peak, however this is a great trail that can be enjoyed whatever the season.

When is the best time to visit Bridalveil Falls Hike
Spring🌷 The falls are most intense in the spring, however take care as there can be significant spray and paths can be slippery.
Summerβ˜€οΈ While the water flow is less than in spring, the weather is warmer and the trail is usually dry and enjoyable to hike.
FallπŸ‚ With the falls still active, you can also enjoy the surrounding foliage may begin to change color adding to the scenery.
Winter❄️ The trail is open year-round, however watch for the icy trail and snowfall during your visit.

Common questions about hiking Bridalveil Falls Hike

This incredible waterfall can be witnessed throughout the year, with this paved pathway a popular choice for hikers of all ages and abilities. If you are considering this short trail then please check out our list of things to consider before you head off.

Is Bridalveil Falls Hike easily accessible for those with mobility issues?

β­• Yes, Bridalveil Falls Hike is accessible for those with mobility issues.

❗ As a popular and accessible waterfall, you'll often encounter crowds along the Bridalveil Falls Trail, so arrive early.

Are there restrooms along Bridalveil Falls Hike?

β­• Yes, there are restrooms in the parking area of Bridalveil Falls Hike.

Are there refreshments and water stations along Bridalveil Falls Hike?

❌ No, there are no refreshments or water stations along Bridalveil Falls Hike.

❗ If you're planning a picnic before you start this short hike, stock up at El Portal Market just before you enter the park.

Are dogs allowed along Bridalveil Falls Hike?

β­• Yes, dogs are allowed along Bridalveil Falls Hike, however they must be on a short leash.

Are vehicles allowed along Bridalveil Falls Hike?

❌ No, cars, electric scooters, and ATVs are not allowed on Brialveil Falls Hike

Can you camp overnight along Bridalveil Falls Hike (or nearby)?

❌ No, you can not camp overnight along Bridalveill Falls Hike.

β­• The nearest campgrounds are further along Yosemite Valley. Camp 4 is the closest but there aremore options closer to Curry Village.

Is there anything else to watch out for when I hike Bridalveil Falls Hike?

Recently Bridalveil Falls Trail has been closed for a major repair project, which is due to be completed shortly. Check ahead before travelling if a close-up view of Bridalveil Falls is an essential part of your Yosemite trip.

Unlike other popular views and trails, Bridalveil Falls isn't accessible via the free shuttle service. That means you'll have to drive or walk here to follow the trail up to the waterfall.

Yosemite Valley - Yosemite National Park, California, USA with a view of the iconic Bridalveil Falls on a sunny day.
Even at a distance the incredible views of Bridalveil Falls can be enjoyed.
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