Top part of the Marilyn Monroe sculpture in Palm Springs
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Forever Marilyn Statue

Updated by Pat Dorri on March 1 2024

Iconic Tribute to a Hollywood Legend in Palm Springs

Address: Downtown Palm Springs, corner of Museum Way and Belardo Road, Palm Springs, CA, 92262

Marilyn Monroe sculpture on Museum Way, Palm Springs
This beautiful sculpture is any photographer's dream.
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💲 Free Entry

👩‍🦽 Wheelchair accessible

🍽️ Dining Options close by

🚽 Public Restrooms close by

Where can I find Forever Marilyn Statue?

The Forever Marilyn Statue is a towering tribute to Marilyn Monroe, located in the heart of downtown Palm Springs.

The exact location of the statue has changed over time, so it's always worth checking it hasn't moved on!

Why should I visit Forever Marilyn Statue?

Visiting the Forever Marilyn Statue offers a unique opportunity to stand beside an emblem of classic American cinema and pop culture.

The statue is not only a photographer's dream, but a reminder of Marilyn Monroe's impact on film and culture.

It's a must-see for movie buffs, art lovers, and anyone looking to capture a piece of Hollywood history.

What are the opening hours at Forever Marilyn Statue?

General opening hours

Monday - Open 24 hours

Tuesday - Open 24 hours

Wednesday - Open 24 hours

Thursday - Open 24 hours

Friday - Open 24 hours

Saturday - Open 24 hours

Sunday - Open 24 hours

Closures and holidays

Visiting Forever Marilyn Statue is possible all-day, every-day.

Restaurants on a square in Palm Springs
Explore the shops and restaurants of Palm Springs once you have visited this incredible site.
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Where should I park when visiting Forever Marilyn Statue?

Parking options near the Forever Marilyn Statue include street parking and public parking lots in downtown Palm Springs.

Is Forever Marilyn Statue accessible by public transportation?

You can visit the Forever Marilyn Statue by bus, which service the downtown area. Check the local schedules.

When is the best time to visit Forever Marilyn Statue?

The best time to visit is during the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the direct midday sun.

Visiting during daylight hours is also recommended for the best photo conditions and to appreciate all the amazing details.

What are the best things to see near Forever Marilyn Statue?

There are plenty of great places close to Forever Marilyn Statue to also explore. Here are some favorites.

  • Downtown Palm Springs - Offers a vibrant mix of shopping, dining, and entertainment.
  • Palm Springs Art Museum - Features modern and contemporary art collections.
  • Indian Canyons - Provides beautiful natural scenery and hiking trails.
  • Palm Springs Aerial Tramway - Gives access to breath taking views of the desert landscape.
Tourists looking at art inside the Palm Springs Art Museum
How about a visit to the Palm Springs Art Museum afterwards to appreciate even more artistic flair?
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Common questions about Forever Marilyn Statue

Visiting the Forever Marilyn Statue in Palm Springs is like stepping into a moment of classic American cinema. As well as being a larger-than-life tribute to Marilyn Monroe, here is what else you can expect.

Is Forever Marilyn Statue accessible to those with lower mobility?

✔️ Yes, Forever Marilyn Statue is easily accessible to visitors with lower mobility.

Is Forever Marilyn Statue free to enter?

✔️ Yes, there is no fee to view the Forever Marilyn Statue, as it is located in a public space.

Is Forever Marilyn Statue pet-friendly?

✔️ Yes, pets can also visit Forever Marilyn Statue, but must be on a leash and follow local guidelines.

Is Forever Marilyn Statue child-friendly?

✔️ Yes, Forever Marilyn Statue is a popular attraction for visitors of all age.

Is Forever Marilyn Statue a year-round attraction?

✔️ Yes, Forever Marilyn Statue is a year-round attraction.

Are refreshments available at Forever Marilyn Statue?

✔️ Yes, there are numerous dining and refreshment options nearby to Forever Marilyn Statue.

Are there restrooms at Forever Marilyn Statue?

✔️ Public restrooms are available close to Forever Marilyn Statue.

What else is useful to know before I visit Forever Marilyn Statue

Early morning or late afternoon visits are recommended for a more pleasant experience and better lighting for photos.

Close up of feet of Marilyn Monroe Statue, Palm Springs
Some big shoes to fill at the Forever Marilyn Statue!
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Where to stay near Forever Marilyn Statue

There are plenty of great hotel options in the Palm Springs, for all budgets, to head back to after visiting Moorten Botanical Garden. Check out some of our favorites below.

  • Life House, Palm Springs - You can expect a tranquil setting, lush gardens and pool, and the most stylish, contemporary décor around, when you stay at Life House, Palm Springs.
  • The Paloma Resort - A visit to The Paloma Resort is anything but budget, with luxury surroundings, chic, retro design, and top-notch service.