Panoramic view from the beach of The Don Cesar Hotel, white sand beach in the foreground

This Barbie is... Going on a Road Trip! The Ultimate Guide to America's Barbie-Inspired Destinations

Published by Dianne Titos on July 27 2023

Most of us have fond nostalgic memories of Barbie, an iconic character famous for her love for all things pink, friendship, and for more than 200 careers she has undertaken in the last decades. In Greta Gerwig's empowering screen sensation Barbie the Movie, she continues to inspire people all over the world to dream big.

There are many places that will inspire your inner Barbie around the United States. From retro diners, ice cream parlors and picture-perfect properties to rides in fabulously pink SUVS, you will find the perfect Barbie adventure for you on this list.

Read on to find out about what Barbie-inspired photo opportunity awaits you nearby, how to get there and what is so special about these magical places.

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling at the Barbie World Premiere in stylish outfits
Glam up like Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling and have your own Barbie and Ken adventures on these drives.
Kathy Hutchins/

Part 1: Western US

From the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to the sassy styles of San Francisco, embark on a Barbie dream tour that is as dazzling as the Pacific sunset.

1. The Madonna Inn

San Luis Obispo, CA

What makes it special: If Barbie was looking for a place on a road trip on the gorgeous Pacific Coat, this hotel would be it! With its beautifully intricate pink, we are sure that Barbie herself would approve!

An eccentric hotel with a famously pink dining room, the Madonna Inn is known for its extravagant, kitschy decor. Each room has a unique theme, and the pink, girly ambiance is prevalent throughout.

Opulent pink dining room at the Madonna Inn, with extravagant chandeliers and pink, booth style seats
Looking for a Barbie-worthy meal in one of the pinkest, most opulent dining rooms in the country? Look no further than Madonna Inn.
Paul R. Jones/

How to get there: Madonna Inn is located in San Luis Obispo and if you are driving from the direction of Los Angeles, driving north on US-101 will take you there. Alternatively you can drive on the more scenic Pacific Coast Highway.

Is there a fee: There isn't a fee to visit this inn, however, we recommend staying at least one night at the unique Madonna Inn to experience it fully. If you don't have the time, you can make a reservation to enjoy a meal in the opulent dining room.

2. Hello Kitty Grand Cafe

Irvine, California

What makes it special: A fan of Barbie and Hello Kitty? Then, you will be in heaven during your visit to this adorable cafe. A pink paradise, this cafe offers themed food and beverages in a stunningly pink setting. There's also a secret tea room and cocktail bar inside.

The pink and white string awning of the Hello Kitty Grand Cafe with the store sign above it
Hello Kitty Grand Cafe combines some of our favorite things; an adorable, world-famous kitty, pink decor and delicious deserts. We are in heaven!
The Image Party/

How to get there: Located on the outskirts of Los Angeles, you can easily reach this cafe if you head towards Mission Viejo on Interstate 5 (I-5).

Is there a fee: There is no fee to visit, but you probably won't be able to resist the delicious offerings (cakes covered in pastel sprinkles!) - we certainly weren't!

3. Pink's Hot Dogs

Los Angeles, California

What makes it special: If you, like Barbie, love retro-themed eateries, Pink's Hot Dogs is the place to visit, especially if you are out and about in Los Angeles and feel peckish. A Hollywood landmark since 1939, Pink's is said to serve over 2,000 hot dogs a day.

If you aren't a big fan of hot dogs, this beloved eatery serves hamburgers as well. If it is good enough for Katie Perry, Betty White and Robin Williams (among many other celebrities who visited), it is good enough for us!

Exterior of famous Pink’s Hot Dog on La Brea Avenue on a sunny day
Visit for the Barbie-themed photo op, stay for the delicious hot dogs!
Gerry Matthews/

How to get there: Located on the busy N La Brea Avenue, you can reach Pink's Hot Dogs by driving north on US-101 and turning west onto Melrose Avenue.

Is there a fee: There is no fee to visit Pink's Hot Dogs, but we recommend awarding yourself to a delicious Chili Dog while there.

4. Paul Smith's Pink Wall

Los Angeles, California

What makes it special: Barbie is already an Instagram star, and it is now your turn! This iconic pink wall on Melrose Avenue has become a popular backdrop for fashion shoots. You can also combine your visit with a stop at Pink's Hot Dogs which is only a short drive away.

The entirely pink wall of the Paul Smith Store in LA on a sunny day
Want to get all dolled up Barbie-style and have a selfie with the perfect pink backdrop? Paul Smith's Pink Wall is the best place for exactly that!

How to get there: Head north on US-101 through the heart of Los Angeles towards Universal Studios Hollywood (another place you can visit if you have more time), and make a turn onto Melrose Avenue.

Is there a fee: There is no fee to take a picture with the famous pink wall.

5. World of Barbie

Santa Monica, California

What makes it special: Set off on an enchanting journey through the dazzling, pink, and glamorous universe of Barbie at this immersive attraction. This is the perfect place to visit to relive your favorite scenes from Barbie the Movie.

From life-size playsets to an incredible array of Barbie dolls showcasing her many careers and styles, it's a must-visit for any Barbie enthusiast seeking a memorable dive into the iconic doll's world.

A Barbie in a doll house, sitting at the toy office space
You can pretend you are Barbie and experience what it is like to live in her house at the World of Barbie.
Aygul Bulte/

How to get there: From Los Angeles city center, head towards the Pacific Coast on I-10. Once you reach Santa Monica, take the 4th St to reach World of Barbie.

Is there a fee: This attraction has a fee. Adult ticket price is $34.50 and child ticket price (1-12 ages old) is $25.50 (calculated at the time of writing).

6. Flamingo Wildlife Habitat

Las Vegas, Nevada

What makes it special: The glittering neon lights of Las Vegas are the perfect backdrop for a Barbie-themed photo shoot. While at it, don't forget Barbie's love for all things pink, including flamingos (as made famous by the Birds of Beauty The Flamingo Barbie Doll)!

Located at the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, this attraction features living flamingos and other exotic birds in a lush outdoor habitat. It's an oasis of pink in the heart of the Las Vegas strip.

Two flamingos resting in the wildlife habitat
You might be surprised to learn that there is a flamingo habitat in the heart of Las Vegas, but we are convinced that Barbie would love it!

How to get there: Head south on the Strip and turn left once you spot Caesars Palace (past Margaritaville) to reach Flamingo Wildlife Habitat.

Is there a fee: This attraction belongs to Caesars Palace and has no entrance fee.

7. Voodoo Doughnut

Portland, Oregon

What makes it special: Barbie would surely love a sweets shops whose motto is "Good things come in pink boxes"! This eclectic and kitschy shop has locations throughout the country, but the Portland location is the original.

Famous for its unique doughnut creations, Voodoo Doughnut is a must-stop for those seeking a sweet treat. We think Barbie would love The Homer, but it is hard to choose which doughnut to get when there are so many delicious and cute choices!

A pink donut box with several colorful donuts placed on it, hand picking one up
It will be hard to stop at just one because Voodoo Doughnuts are just as delicious as they look!
Agave Photo Studio/

How to get there: If you'd like to visit the original location of Voodoo Doughnut in Old Town, located in Portland, Oregon, you can head there on I-5 driving north.

Is there a fee: Similar to the delicious spots we listed above, there is no fee to visit Voodoo Doughnut

8. The Royal Hawaiian

Honolulu, Hawaii

What makes it special: This is the place to stay for any Barbie fan during a visit to the beautiful Hawaiian island of Honolulu.

Known as the "Pink Palace of the Pacific," this luxury resort is an icon of the Honolulu waterfront. Its pink exterior, tropical gardens, and beach access make for a dreamy, girly paradise.

The front view of the famously pink hotel, the Royal Hawaiian, on a sunny day. Stairs leading to the entrance
The Royal Hawaiian is the pink-lover's resort dream and would come on top of Barbie's list of hotels to stay at.

How to get there: From Honolulu Airport, follow H-1 and hop onto HI-92. You will soon reach the Royal Hawaiian on the Waikiki Bay.

Is there a fee: There is no fee to visit if you are already in the vicinity, but we fully recommend making the Royal Hawaiian, A Luxury Collection Resort, Waikiki your base during your stay in Honolulu.

Part 2: Southwestern US

Unearth the wild west with Barbie, where the rugged landscapes blend seamlessly with stylish urban living, with adventures on scenic roads and rollercoaster rides in world-famous theme parks.

9. Pink Jeep Tours

Sedona, Arizona

What makes it special: Always wanted to set off on a road trip with Barbie and her friends in her fabulous pink Jeep? Well, here's your chance!

Offering a range of outdoor adventures in pink Jeeps, these tours provide a unique way to experience the natural beauty of the American Southwest. They offer various tour packages, all in their iconic pink vehicles.

Two pink Jeeps parked on rugged red rocks, with red cliffs in the background
It is time to make your dream of driving in Barbie's famous pink SUV come true!
Red Lemon/

How to get there: If traveling from the direction of Flagstaff, drive north to Sedona on AZ-89A, which will directly take you to the Pink Jeep Tours headquarters.

Is there a fee: Prices depend on which scenic tour you'd like to make, and start from $57 per adult and $49 per child. Keep in mind that these tours sell fast, so make sure to book ahead to avoid disappointment.

10. Prada Marfa

Valentine, Texas

What makes it special: Picture this: you're driving through the Texas desert, and out of nowhere, you spot a tiny Prada store. This is Prada Marfa, a quirky art installation that stops visitors in their tracks.

We all know what a big fashionista Barbie is, with a soft spot for art, so she'd undoubtedly love visiting Prada Marfa.

The famous Prada Marfa installation stands at the side of the road at Valentine, near Marfa Texas, on a sunny day
Quite an unexpected art installation, Prada Marfa sits on the highway, seemingly in the middle of nowhere.

How to get there: Prada Marfa is located directly on US-90, so it is easy to reach whether you are traveling from Houston, Austin or El Paso's direction. Please click the links above if you'd like to learn more about these road trips.

Is there a fee: There is no fee to visit this quirky roadside attraction.

11. Dollywood

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

What makes it special: Imagine Barbie on a Southern adventure at Dollywood, a theme park co-owned by the ever-glamorous Dolly Parton! With its glittering shows, fun rides, and themed shops, Dollywood is the perfect fun day out in the world of country music and Southern charm.

There is a theme park and a water park here, so you can easily spend the entire day out having fun at Dollywood.

Dollywood theme park, Pigeon Forge
As glamorous as Dolly Parton herself, Dollywood is perfect for Barbie-themed photo ops and for some fun under the Southern sun!
Michael Gordon/

How to get there: To get to Pigeon Forge from Knoxville, head southeast on US-441 and switch to Veterans Blvd past Sevierville.

Is there a fee: The prices for the 1-day pass to the theme park are $89 for adults and $79 for children.

Part 3: Southeastern US

Join Barbie in the charming Southeast, where southern belle style meets beautiful coastal sights of the Atlantic Ocean, a haven for adventurers like Barbie and beachgoers alike.

12. Big Pink

Miami, Florida

What makes it special: Barbie would love the retro-chic vibes of The Big Pink, an eclectic restaurant in the heart of Miami, with an eye-catching pink exterior and a delicious menu.

This lovely eatery is a nod to the classic diners of the past, and is the perfect place to have a meal while exploring Miami or to have a Barbie-themed photo shoot.

Sunny day, the view in front of the pink-colored diner with outside sitting empty area, tables, chairs
Take a break and have a meal at the beloved diner, the Big Pink, which is particularly famous for its delicious breakfast offerings.
Andriy Blokhin/

How to get there: The Big Pink sits directly on the busy and popular Collins Avenue on the southern tip of Miami Beach.

Is there a fee: There is no fee to visit the Big Pink, but you might want to stay for delicious pancakes or sundae, a timeless diner favorite!

13. The Don CeSar

St Pete Beach, Florida

What makes it special: The Don CeSar, a grand pink palace on St Pete Beach, would be like Barbie's dream vacation spot. With lavish beach views and delectable dining experiences ,this hotel is a perfect getaway for anyone seeking a dolled-up lifestyle.

Panoramic view main entrance of The Don Cesar Hotel, a palace-like pink hotel
Another pink palace on our list, the Don CeSar would make a great filming location for Barbie the Movie.

How to get there: Follow I-275 south as you leave St Petersburg and get on FL-682 to reach St Pete Beach on the beautiful azure coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

Is there a fee: There is no fee to visit, but we highly recommend booking yourself a room in the opulent palace-like Don CeSar and enjoy your time in the sun in Florida.

14. The Olde Pink House

Savanna Georgia

What makes it special: This charming pastel pink house's exterior would make the perfect setting for a scene in Barbie the Movie. Head inside this landmark to sample delicious offerings as it houses a restaurant with a whimsical, vintage ambiance.

A historic restaurant with a pink facade
Take a snap in front of the Olde Pink House before heading inside to try their delicious dishes.

How to get there: The Olde Pink House is located in the northern part of Savannah in the North Historic District. Heading north on Drayton Street will take you there.

Is there a fee: There is no fee to visit and learn more about this historic place, but we strongly recommend timing your visit with lunchtime to sample their delicious menu.

Part 4: Midwestern US

Welcome to the heartland, where Barbie-style Americana meets the classic beauty of the Midwestern US, a pairing as iconic as apple pie and vanilla ice cream.

15. Pinkie's Ice Cream

Grand Rapids, Michigan

What makes it special: Every day is a good day for ice cream in Barbie's world, especially if it's from Pinkie's Ice Cream. This cute ice cream shop, with its variety of flavors and bright pink decor, is the perfect place to visit for a sweet treat and don't forget to ask for some sprinkles on top; just the way Barbie would like it!

Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate ice cream with waffle cones with marble stone backgrounds
The perfect break after a day of exploring beautiful Michigan shores is to enjoy some delicious ice cream!
Atsushi Hirao/

How to get there: From Chicago, hug the shore of Lake Michigan on I-94 and then I-196 to reach Grand Rapids.

Is there a fee: There is no fee to visit Pinkie's Ice Cream shop. The only dilemma you'll face will be which favor to choose!

Part 5: Northeastern US

Travel with Barbie through the dynamic Northeast, where history, haute couture and the changing fall foliage create a fashion catwalk like no other.

16. Pietro Nolita

New York City, New York

What makes it special: Step into a real-life Barbie dining fantasy at Pietro Nolita, a charming Italian eatery swathed entirely in Barbie's signature color - pink!

From its chic pink façade to its equally vibrant interior, this restaurant serves up deliciously authentic Italian cuisine in a setting that mirrors the playful sophistication of Barbie's world. If you are staying for a meal, our favorite dishes to order are Pietro Nolita's fresh pasta options.

A charming shops with a pink facade, bicycle parked in front.
While headed to Pietro Nolita make a stop at the lovely Printfresh shop a few blocks away to take a pink selfie and browse their stylish selection of comfy clothes.
Alena Veasey/

How to get there: Parking in New York can be notoriously challenging to we would suggest taking the metro instead and heading to the Bowery Station on the J or Z lines. If you are driving, head towards Lower Manhattan on 3rd Avenue.

Is there a fee: There is no fee to visit.

17. Pink Cadillac Diner

Natural Bridge, Virginia

What makes it special: The Pink Cadillac Diner, with its 50s retro vibe and famous pink Cadillac out front looks right out of Barbie the Movie. Not only pretty, this quirky diner serves some fantastic food as well.

Perfect for a meal on a day trip, visiting Pink Cadillac Diner will also allow you to visit the amazing natural scenery that surrounds the area, if you are looking to extend your trip.

Pink Cadillac Diner with vans parked in front on a sunny day
The cute Pink Cadillac Diner is worth making a small detour if you are in the area.
Joseph Sohm/

How to get there: Head out of Roanoke on I-81 and you will find Pink Cadillac Diner located right on the interstate past Virginia Safari Park.

Is there a fee: There is no fee to visit or take photos at the Pink Cadillac Diner.

18. The Barbie Pond on Avenue Q

Washington, DC

What makes it special: This is one of the quirkier spots on the list; a community attraction where passersby arrange Barbie and her friends in different thematic displays, creating an ever-changing story that brings a little magic to the busy Avenue Q.

This is a particularly great attraction to visit if you are already downtown visiting the famous monuments of the capital and want to see something a little whimsical.

Barbie riding in a toy car with Ken, beige background
Hope in your car on a road trip to Washington DC and make a stop at Avenue Q to add a bit of your own story to the Barbie Pond!

How to get there: Head north on 16th St NW from the White House and turn right on Q St NW to reach the Barbie Pond.

Is there a fee: There is no fee to visit the Barbie Pond.

Bonus: Pink Sands Beach


What makes it special: What would be a more perfect vacation spot for Barbie than the Pink Sands Beach in the Bahamas? The beach is known for its stunning three-mile-long stretch of pink sand, crystal clear water, and tranquility, a setting that would be ideal for a stylish beach photoshoot for Barbie.

Pinkish sand beach on the Bahamas on a very sunny day
The pinkish hues of the sands on Harbour Island are perfect for a Barbie-esque dream vacation.
Gus Garcia/

How to get there: To reach Pink Sands Beach, get a flight to the North Eleuthera Airstrip (from Nassau, Miami or Fort Lauderdale). From here take a ferry to the Harbour Island to reach Pink Sands Beach.

Is there a fee: There is no fee to visit Pink Sands Beach.